From Fan to Phenomenon: Megan Eugenio Is Revolutionizing Sports Media

In a rapidly changing sports media landscape, Megan Eugenio stands out as a fresh voice for this generation. Blending social media savvy with a genuine love for sports, she’s transforming the role of a sports personality for the digital era. Through her work with Overtime and her presence at major sports events, Megan’s journey offers a fresh perspective on connecting with audiences and shaping the future of sports media (not too mention, she has great sporty style!). In our exclusive interview, she discusses how she got here.

How would you describe what you do?

I am a sports talent and social media influencer for a New York-based sports media start-up called Overtime. I create content as a personality online tailored to Gen Z consumption, mainly living on TikTok in the form of podcast clips and original content. However, this isn’t limited to the digital world—I also serve as a live host for major sports events, such as the Super Bowl, and create content for two major New York professional sports teams.

Can you share a moment from your journey that felt like a plot twist in your personal story?

Meeting my idol, Dwyane Wade, was a moment that felt like a plot twist. Contrary to the saying “never meet your idols,” this encounter solidified my journey. When I went to introduce myself, he stopped me, immediately gave me a hug, and said, “I know you!” Dwyane was the reason I got into basketball in fifth grade when he was on the Miami Heat. Having such a full-circle moment definitely altered the way I viewed myself, as everything in my career seemed to come together.

To us, you seem like something new and fresh. Maybe the first real Gen Z sports personality! How do you leverage your voice and platform to inspire and pave the way for future women in sports media?

Thank you! Loving being a woman in sports means much more to me than most people think. I’m not an athlete; I was never great at sports, and I was the only child cut from my basketball team during my formative years. I felt the need to prove something and be something I wasn’t until I realized I was made this way for a reason. I aim to pave the way for girls who aren’t D1 athletes, or maybe didn’t get picked first, or who feel they have to fit a mold to be here. I embrace my feminine and goofy side in my content, trying to inspire those who are the same. There’s a position for everyone, and having a love for sports culture is enough. Being hyperfeminine while also being an active contributor to the sports world is something I cherish. My womanhood can take many shapes and forms. You deserve to be taken seriously here, no matter who you are.

In an era where TikTok highlights and Instagram Stories are changing the game, where do you see the future of sports media heading?

The future of sports media, having taken heed of all the digital content in the last four years, with a noticeable larger growth during the pandemic, has opened up and loosened a few buttons to appeal to fans’ personalities. Content for sports is now based on social media influencers and putting a face to a franchise. Many NBA franchises have taken note and created faces for their brand that showcase what it means to be a fan as well as a working member of the sports community. Whether it be inside jokes, traditions, or silly interviews with athletes, it gives sports and the content we create in the media a more human-like approach, and we will continue to go that route!

We see much merging of sports and fashion now across all sports. From your perspective, how is the fusion of fashion and sports reshaping fan culture and athlete personas?

Fashion is a statement of comfort, and it looks different on everyone. Some people embed a message in their fashion. It allows for freedom of expression, and in a world where athletes can be themselves and show more of their backgrounds and personalities, the fusion of fashion and sports inspires the younger generation watching these role models. It can inspire young viewers who see these athletes embrace their style and think, “Me too!”

How does your own fashion sense play into your professional world within sports media? Do you find your style influencing or reflecting the sports cultures you immerse yourself in?

My fashion sense plays into my professional career because I love to be comfortable but also girly. My style definitely reflects the sports and cultures I’m involved in because I align my style with what I’m doing and make it my own. I love sports jerseys; they are how I show my love for my teams and players that I support. I have a jersey collection in my closet! As someone who isn’t an athlete, I love dressing like one because it’s how I feel connected to the industry through fashion. Also, it’s a great way to connect with others—a good jersey can definitely strike up a conversation with fans who share the same love for the sport or athlete I’m rocking!

In your eyes, which sport is currently winning the hearts of Gen Z and why?

As much as I want to say basketball, football is making a comeback for the younger generation. Digital content is how they’ve been reaching a younger audience, and with the mix of pop culture that football has incorporated into their industry, they’re crushing it.

Could you share a behind-the-scenes look at how you brainstorm and bring to life an idea that you’re particularly proud of?

I come up with ideas at the most random moments. Whenever an idea for a video pops into my head, I jot it down in my phone. I have a running list of open-ended ideas that I try to build on. My content is largely based on my life and what I have access to, so if there’s an area of my job that I can maximize for content purposes—like when I started my podcast—I think, “If I have the resources, then why not go for it?” The beauty of social media is that any idea can come to life with ease as long as you have creativity and a phone!

What’s your most unforgettable ‘I can’t believe this is happening’ story?

Hosting on the red carpet for the NFL Honors during Super Bowl weekend was an unbelievable moment for me. It was bizarre because it was the most athletes and public figures I have ever interviewed in such a short span of time. There were huge names coming through, and they were all so amazing; it was such a cool, interactive experience for me to be seen as a host for such a significant event. I got to interview the winners of the awards as they walked off stage, which helped create working relationships with these prominent figures. That was something recent I did that was absolutely exhilarating and unbelievable for me. I also have some exciting news about an event I’m attending this summer, but I’ll only give a hint: Five rings. Paris. That’s all I’m going to say!

If you could create a fantasy sports team but with fictional characters from any book, movie, or TV show, who would make your starting lineup and why?

It’s an odd group, but hear me out on this one. I’m creating a fantasy hockey lineup. For defense, we have Shrek and Fiona; I just know they protected their love with everything they had, so I’m confident they’d protect the net just as fiercely. In goal, we have Dwight Schrute. Despite his limited athletic ability, he has a watchful eye—on Dunder Mifflin’s downsizing and, hopefully, the pucks as well. For my three forwards, I’m picking Billy Madison, Michael Scott, and Jack Dawson. Billy Madison finally gets to live out his childhood hockey dream, as does Michael Scott, and Jack Dawson (from Titanic) brings that natural hockey hair flow to the team.

Photos by Jacob Dekat

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