Frida Kahlo’s brow product has finally been revealed

Frida Kahlo de Rivera was a well-known Mexican painter who was outspoken af on what she believed in, her love life and her artwork often reflected this as well.

Her unibrow is easily equivalent to Marilyn Monroe’s trademark red lips and although Frida died in the 1950s, she’s just as relevant to pop culture today, hence her new Barbie doll. And now, we finally know what she used to get her brows on fleek.

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According to The Guardian, Frida will have an exhibit at the V&A London, which will include over 200 of her personal products.

When she died at 47, her husband locked up her personal items and said they couldn’t be shared until after his death, which was a few years later, but it really wasn’t opened until 2004.

The exhibit will include her makeup, clothes, jewelry and intimate items. Frida used the Revlon Eye Pencil in the shade “Ebony” but Revlon told Refinery 29 the product is no longer available (of course), but their ColorStay Brow Pencil is the modern day equivalent.

Also known for her rose cheeks, she used Revlon’s blush in the shade “Everything Rosy” as well as a red lipstick and various other items.

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