Jhené Aiko admits her skincare routine is brutal

Jhene Aiko has been in the game a long time but she’s still super chilled and low-key at the same time.

If you’re a fan you’ve probably noticed how clear and moisturized her natural skin always looks and even though she’s a performer and wears makeup all the time, she’s proof that you can literally do both.

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A fan commented on Jhene’s IG and asked sis to drop her skincare routine and not only did Jhene reply, she gave the full tea.

“I get Fraxel about twice a year,” she says. “It’s an intense laser treatment that improves texture, acne scars, and enlarged pores.”

If you’re wondering wth that is, Fraxel treatments are said to rejuvenate your skin cells as well as smoothing the creases in your skin, which causes wrinkles.

Jhene continues on her views of the treatment, “It’s kind of expensive and hurts like shit, your face micro-scabs… the scabs fall off gradually… over a period of like 7 days.”


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After your week is up you’ll start to see your new skin come in and you can expect your skin to be swollen for an additional week, according to Jhene.

“I keep up the results w/Alastin skin care, IS Clinical Serum, Cera V wash, Lancer Scrub and Circell AB Serum,” she adds, “I also take collagen pills, drink Kangen water, apple cider vinegar and take Super Foods by Dr. Shulzes daily!”

Jhene says that this treatment isn’t cheap but definitely worth it.




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