This new app is like for skincare

We all know that there are four types of skin: normal, dry, oily or combination. If you gaf about your skin, you’re probably a product junkie and still struggle with finding the product you feel changes your life.

Lucky for us, there is a new skin-care app that generates products that work on your skin type and makes it easier for you to shop for your fave products.

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In an article by Allure, the creator of “HelloAva” says that the overall purpose of this app is to be a skin care matching search engine, like

Although this brand launched last Spring, they just released a new version that can be accessed on various platforms like your phone (with the app), your laptop or tablet.


So how does it work? You start of by filling out a contact form which includes where you live, your age, ethnicity, etc.

Next, they want to know what you consider your skin problem areas. So if you have dark marks, redness, wrinkles, whatever you consider an issue that you’re working to improve.

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Then they ask you on your product preference, so if you like moisturizers, toners, serums, etc.

If you’re one of those people who have a strict preference on what you don’t allow in your products like fragrance or alcohol there is also a question on what you don’t want in your products.

Next you’ll upload a selfie and answer a skin care evaluation and create and profile and boom you have your skincare results.

I did mine on a computer and was told I have a combination skin type, when I thought I was normal to dry.

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You’ll receive a detailed skin summary on the details on your skin type, your skin’s strength and weakness as well as the goal you should be aiming for daily.

Finally, based on your product preference you’re matched with various options on different types of products.

Best part is that this is totally free. You can add items to your cart and purchase directly from the app and shipping is free. If you’re wondering what’s the point, think of it as a skincare diary, all the products you purchase are saved to your profile and the app tracks your skins progress.

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