Does powder concealer actually work?

For all my sisters out there who have natural bags or dark circles, I know you live by highlighting those problem areas with concealer.

We all know that Shape Tape is allegedly the top rated right now and LA Pro Girl is a holy grail that’s also cheap af.

But PUR just dropped a “Shake and Bake Powder-to-cream under eye concealer” that literally has us trying to figure out, why is this even a thing?

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For $26 you can get a .17oz concealer + beauty sponge that is made of a translucent powder that is said to hide dark circles and lasts for hours.

Maybe this is the holy grail product you can’t live without but if you’re like most of us you’re probably trying to figure out why was this even created? According to Jackie Aina’s review, it take lots of layers to even get a descent amount of coverage, and for $26 who the hell has time for that?

And with this being a powder, you can’t set your face because that’s powder on top of powder, which makes your face cakey af.

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What’s also even more underwhelming by this product is the fact that it only comes in 3 shades… Literally light, medium and dark. It’s not even worth a drag because at this point we all know how wack launching three shades is in 2018, especially when there are so many different brands really providing us options and bang for our buck.

But you be the judge, is this something you’re interested in copping? And if you’ve already purchased let us know what you think of this product.

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