We asked a pro 5 embarrassing makeup questions so you don’t have to

If you’re a makeup lover, you can sit and watch YouTube videos for hours and never get bored.

Being a beginner I’m always amazed at how MUAs can literally do the most amazing looks while I’m still over here struggling to do a wing liner. In the age of social media we see so much cut creasing and dramatic looks, while some of us are still trying to find out how to do the basics.

Don’t feel bad if you’re not a contour and highlight God, everyone has to start from somewhere. I sat down with popping MUA Moriah Mierre, who’s touched the faces of stars like Cardi B and Big Sean, to get some of the most embarrassing makeup beginner questions answered, check them out below to get your life together.

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How do I pick my foundation shade? 

If you absolutely have no reference of what you might be, get matched by a professional makeup artist or a beauty consultant at a retail store i.e. Sephora, Ulta or Macy’s.

Sephora has a skin IQ tool where it will give you about five different options of your shade, but be cautious because their store lighting can be tricky, always look for natural lighting.

Also, be careful because some foundation brands oxidize (when foundation changes color on you once oxygen hits) so let it sit on your face for a few seconds or test it out for the day. Most retailers are good about returns and exchanges.

How do I make my makeup last? 

Primer. My favorite primers are Make Up For Ever’s moisturizing primer or Laura Mercier and Smashbox. They really work well for my clients.

If you want a lower-end brand, try Rimmel London Primmer (I especially love “Stay Matte” if you’re oily), Milani Primer Perfection and Black Opal’s shine control primer.

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What is contouring and how do I do it? 

Contouring is taking a deeper shade and defining your facial structure. Contouring slims your nose, define your cheek bones as well as your forehead on jaw line. You can take a foundation shade or a concealer to achieve this.

 Eyeshadow is my biggest struggle, what’s the easiest way to blend? 

Eyeshadow is usually the most difficult skill for my clients to learn. It’s all about defining your eyes first. You should get familiar with your eye shape. The first thing is to use darker shades in your crease, [such as] a transition color. These are natural shades that are close to your skin tone, and then building your shades from there.

Always use light light strokes in a windshield wiper motion. I usually like to use a light matte shade or a soft shimmer on the lid for an everyday look. If I want a bolder look, I use a darker shade on the lid and a little bit of a darker color on the crease. Smoke it out!

What’s the best product to use for your brows and the method to fill them in? 

For beginners, I always suggest you start with a pencil because it’s easier to outline your brow. Once outlined, you can use your choice of brow pomade or brow powder to fill in your brows. I personally love Anastasia Beverly Hills products and NYX’s brow products as well.

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