You can try organic beauty brands with this new subscription box

Kirstie Lauren, a.k.a. the Goofy Mermaid via Instagram, has recently launched a beauty subscription box that is good for you and for the planet. The company is called Beauty Gone Green, and all of the beauty products chosen for the boxes are organic, natural, and non-toxic.


Kirstie launched the green-conscious company as a way to help people find green beauty and wellness products, so that you can make better and healthier choices about what you’re using in your routine. Kirstie herself does research in order to create each box perfectly.

You can sign up to get a green box every 2, 6, or 12 months, and each box features anywhere from 5 to 10 products. The subscription options allow for customers to get a box as often as they want, which I personally like because I don’t want to get overwhelmed by new products super often. I would probably go for something like the 6 month box. But, a beauty enthusiast who loves to try new things daily might want to opt for the 2 month!

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The most major thing about this box is that you know you are using the most organic products, without having to do the digging yourself. Many of these brands aren’t sold at huge retailers, so Kirstie and Beauty Gone Green are there to find them for you and deliver them straight to your door.

“I have been researching beauty ingredients for years and sharing my findings through my social platform @thegoofymermaid when it finally hit me that I could create something tangible and ‘easfordable’ (Easy + Affordable) for people to try safe, non-toxic beauty products,” Kirstie said.


 “I find so much joy from helping people make healthier choices and I love that through the relationship I’ve established in the green beauty world, that I’m able to do so at such an affordable price,” she added.

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Sounds good to us! Why not treat your face and save some green at the same time? Don’t forget to check out the Beauty Gone Green website to see the process of the subscription box for yourself!

What this first box includes: Inika Organics eyeshadow, Flora Remedia eye collagen mask, Bella Aura Skincare essential energy boosting kit, M.O.T.D. Cosmetics eyeshadow brush, David’s natural toothpaste, and B Kind face mist, face mask, and toothbrush.

All Photos Courtesy of Beauty Gone Green

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