All The Free Stuff You Can Get Just By Voting

If you seriously still need convincing to go vote, shame on you.

This is like, the craziest election we’ve had in a while. And if you’re reading this, we assume that you’re not chill with having a president that thinks it’s cool to grab women by the pussy and doesn’t understand how abortions work.

But, just in case you needed something else to get you up off your ass and back to your hometown to vote, don’t worry, we gotchu.

Well, we don’t got you, but all these chains offering free shit to voters have got you.

Here are all the places that will give you free stuff just for saying and/or proving you voted:

1. Starbucks

Basic bitches, rejoice! Unfortunately Starbucks won’t be handing out PSL’s, but they will be giving away free tall (small, in non-Starbucks people speak) coffees to anyone who voted, which will still give you a great excuse for a Starbucks-I Voted sticker Insta selfie.

2. Krispy Kreme

Even if we donut know what the F is going to happen to this country after the election, fried dough will always make us proud to be American. This is while supplies last, so better to vote sooner than later so you can go get the goods!

3. Ben & Jerry’s

Your fave ice cream place is giving a free scoop from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. to anyone who says they voted. If you’ve ever been to Ben & Jerry’s on a freebie day, you should know to get there early.

4. Babeland

What better way to relieve yourself of the election stress than a self-love sesh? Babeland, the sex shop with locations in Seattle, New York, and Los Angeles, is giving away free toys to voters. Men can earn a “sleeve” and women can snag a silver bullet mini-vibrator.

5. 7- Eleven

If Starbucks ain’t your thang, you can also get free coffee (or any other hot drink) at 7-11 when voting and downloading their mobile app.

6. Rock The Vote

If you need some jams to get you through the week, Rock The Vote is offering free track downloads to those who pledge to vote. Something tells me Katy Perry will be involved.

Even if you don’t have time to get all this free shit after voting tomorrow, you should def still vote. There are so many other perks, check out the vid below to find out more.

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