7 Easy Superbowl Dips For The Basic Bitch

Ah, it’s that time of year again ladies. And while you may have no idea who is playing in the Super Bowl, what the f*** a safety is, or any other players’ names besides Tom Brady; there is one area of this “holiday” where you can shine: the kitchen!

While you can be one of those girls who researches the teams playing the night before and asks her guy friend to explain the game to her in order to impress her man, I think a guy cares much more about your cooking and f***ing then he does about whether you’re going to join his fantasy football league. What other way to show you’re a true team player then by bringing a perfect snack to his Super Bowl party? Don’t worry if you’re not the Martha Stewart on the block, because I’ll let you in on a little secret: guys don’t give a f*** about presentation, they just want to feast. This is why the dip is your go-to BFF for the Super Bowl, because it’s easy to share, and even easier to make.

1. Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Chicken Dip:


Photo Credit Franks Red Hot

Can you really go wrong with buffalo chicken? Whatever recipe you use, the dip usually involves pouring shit into a pan and putting it in the oven, so as long as you can handle setting a timer on your oven, you should be golden.

2. IPA Cheese Beer Dip:


Photo Credit Luci’s Morsels

Is there anything better than beer and cheese? Okay, maybe wine and cheese, but for dude’s it’s all about beer. This recipe includes directions for how to make soft pretzels for the dip, but I’m sure no one will notice if you happen to replace those with store bought pretzels, crackers, or your thumb.

3. White Pizza Dip:


Photo Credit How Sweet Eats

Like buffalo chicken, pizza is the way to anyone’s heart, and white pizza makes it seem just a tad bit fancier, and a tad bit less likely to stain your boo’s shirt when he drunkenly spills this shit on himself while pigging out on it.

4. Bacon Double Cheese Burger Dip:


Photo Credit Closet Cooking

Another favorite of humans with penises: cheese burgers AND bacon!

5. The Doritos Dip:


Photo Credit Moms Need To Know

The Mom sharing this recipe claimed that you’ll never think you need a dip for Doritos- until you try this.

6. Kale & Artichoke Dip


Photo Credit Tablespoon

Is your dude a health freak? Are you? This Kale & Artichoke dip lets you indulge without completely ruining your diet.

7. Baked Hot n’ Creamy Crab Dip


Photo Credit Best Recipe Box

While using crab might be a little more expensive than the average dip, there’s something about sea food that makes you seem fancy.

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