Food To Eat On a Date That Won’t Make You Too Bloated for Sex

What’s the ultimate thing that can kill the mood pre-sex? Your partner uttering their ex’s name? You realizing that you forgot to shave? Your roommate watching a horror movie with insanely loud surround sound?

What about when you’re feeling bloated and gassy? At least on your period you have an excuse, but when it’s not that time of the month and you’re still not feeling too hot? It’s hard to explain to your lover that your Chipotle lunch date from earlier today is exactly the reason why you’re not too keen on him going down on you right now.

In a long-term relationship, you can probably get past discussing these awkward bodily functions, but on an early date you want to be on your game. So, how can you indulge but simultaneously feel svelte and sexy once it moves from the dining room to the bedroom? We talked to U Rock Girl‘s Erin MacDonald on what to eat and what to skip when ordering food on a date.

Don’t Settle For Salad

If you’re on some type of strict fad diet, don’t bother going on a dinner date.

No, seriously, there’s no reason making a dude buy you dinner if all you’re going to get is some measly salad. And if you’re really sticking to your diet, you shouldn’t be drinking either. Without good food and a couple glasses of wine, a first date becomes even more awkward than it normally is.

But Erin has another reason why you should skip the salad on a date:

“Don’t eat a salad! Raw veggies are more likely to give you gas as all that fiber takes a lot to be digested. And stay clear of onions, garlic, broccoli and cauliflower. They may be delicious and nutritious, but they also result in a lot of gas production.”

If you really want some green veggies, Erin recommends cucumbers and asparagus, which are actually bloat-reducing (asparagus is also an aphrodisiac). There’s also a reason that you’ve probably never been on a first date to a Mexican restaurant, because Mexican food is notoriously laden with beans and spicy sauces. I don’t think we need to recite the “magical fruit” song for you to get the jist.

Instead, Erin recommends that you “Choose a lean protein, like chicken or fish, but keep the spicy sauce at arm’s length as they can also produce gas. Pair the protein with some cooked veggies. When veggies are cooked, some of the fiber is broken down so it’s easier on your digestive system.”

Avoid These Foods:



Brussel sprouts




Spicy food

Turn To Mother Nature

You may have noticed that the majority of the above listed “belly-bloating” foods are actually healthy and you may not want to avoid them. But, if you’re naturally gassy or prone to bloating, you probably wish there was a better option rather than eliminating spicy foods from your diet. Luckily, there are other natural solutions to combat a sad stomach.

Erin recommends activated charcoal, which is used by some as a natural teeth whitener, but is also “a dream for tackling gas and bloating as it acts like a sponge in your digestive tract. It comes in capsule form and sold at most health food stores and large healthy market chains.”

Pack it in your purse if you have a serious gas problem.

“Another one is peppermint oil, also found in capsule form in the supplement section of health food stores. It acts to ease the pain of gas. If you have peppermint essential oil, you can massage that on your abdomen, but follow manufacturers’ instructions,” says Erin.

Unfortunately, we all seem to find ourselves putting on a bit of a mask early on in a relationship. Hopefully, your first date façade won’t include a bloated belly or an awkward fart after you take note of these tips!

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