The Dos and Don’ts of Airport Style

Whether you’re headed home for the holidays or you’re planning on escaping to Cabo to avoid your crazy-ass family, you might have to enter an airport at some point this holiday season. In this airport, there may be paparazzi that could potentially confuse you for an actual celebrity, so you must dress the part. To become a faux celeb, you first need to master the do’s and don’t’s of airport style.

DO gather inspiration

If you don’t have Pinterest boards full of outfit inspiration for every season, occasion, phase of life, vacation, etc. You’re lying. Create a separate board for airport style and pin a thousand images of Nicole Richie, Bella Hadid, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

DON’T think that fashion and function are mutually exclusive

Those Puma x Fenty fur slides are both fashionable and functional. And you do need them. In all three colours.

DON’T forget sunglasses

There has never been a great airport outfit that hasn’t consisted of a BOMB pair of sunglasses (usually oversized, black, and fabulous).

DO invest in cute luggage

Just like you wouldn’t carry a fugly purse, don’t pull around that horrible set of red luggage, no matter how budget friendly it may have been at the time. Consider purchasing a glossy, hardshell suitcase, maybe even with a marble pattern. Very instagrammable.

DO layer your look

Layers make it look like you tried really hard to put together a solid airport outfit when really you’re just trying to avoid being cold af on the plane. Scarves make great makeshift blankets, and your fav fur coat can double as a perfectly fluffed pillow.

DON’T wear a shit ton of makeup

Airplanes are super drying for our skin, sticking with a natural dewy look will help to combat that extra dryness. Aside from the practicality of wearing less makeup, esthetically speaking, wearing less makeup on the plane and adding a little extra in the bathroom when you get off the plane will keep you looking fresh/phre$h at your destination.

DO add a hat

To provide extra mystery and allure.

DON’T let your squad look like shit

Everyone is a little guilty of taking a group picture, only looking at themselves, and giving it the go to be uploaded on Instagram even though one of your friends’ eyes are closed and the other has a dog humping their leg. Don’t bring this type of neglect to the airport. A gal is nothing without her (well dressed) squad.

DO bring along an oversized tote

Make the most of the maximum hand-luggage size allowance and bring along a big ass bag to really amp up your look.

DO consider rocking a matching sweatsuit

May we suggest the new Galore x Missguided velour set? #cutebutbrutal

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