How 33 Of Your Favorite Celebs Dress For The Airport

Is it just me, or is dressing for the airport kind of problematic? 

Do you try and look cute? Do you just say fuck it and go for whatever’s comfiest? Or do you try and shoot for something in the middle that you wouldn’t be horribly upset about wearing for the rest of the night?

Here’s how 33 of your favorite celebrities have answered the question for themselves. 

1. Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid looking super casual in a button-down she may or may not have stolen from whoever she was dating at the time.

2. Kylie Jenner

Kim may be Kylie’s beauty icon, but apparently Kylie draws the line at wearing heels to the airport.

3. Justin Bieber

No shirt no problem, right?

4. Taylor Swift

Sometimes Taylor Swift likes to dress like a preppy boy scout.

And sometimes she likes to pull the whole America’s Sweetheart routine.

5. Nicole Richie

Love the floor length leopard print coat.

6. Ciara

Ciara is so high school right now. Picture here.

7. Katy Perry

This outfit is problematic, but very on brand.

8. Karlie Kloss

Doesn’t it make sense that she and Taylor Swift are besties now? Picture here.

9. Charli XCX

Sporty chic.

10. Rihanna

Further proof that Rihanna can make literally anything look good.

11. Mischa Barton

Where are Mischa Barton’s shoes though?  Very concerned. Picture here.

12. Blake Lively

Of course bitch would wear all white to the airport.  Very Upper West Side, Blakey.

13. Jennifer Lawrence

A little sexy, a little casual. Picture here.

14. Kim Kardashian

Of course Kim is wearing heels to the airport.

15. Kanye West

Kanye and Kim don’t always match, but when they do, it’s at the airport.

16. Heidi Klum

Relaxed denim onesies are like sooooo comfortable for lounging in first class, don’t you think?

17. Lorde

Loving the oversized denim, Lorde.

18. Lily-Rose Depp

Normally Lily-Rose Depp has impeccable fashion taste, but sometimes she dresses like a todler, and you’re reminded that she’s still a baby.

19. Paris Hilton

Leave it to Paris Hilton to dress up for the airport.

20. Amy Schumer

Looking comfy over there, Amy.

21. Kendall Jenner

Can you tell she’s a model? Picture here.

22. the Spice Girls

So many questions about what they were thinking that day. Picture here.

23. Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid is all about the crop tops when she’s at the airport.

24. Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens maybe looks like she’s 30 years old in this jumpsuit, but at least she remembered to make her toenails match her hair color.

25. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is in character at all times. Picture here.

26. Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner doesn’t give a fuck about dressing up for the airport.

27. Anna Kendrick

This outfit is maybe a One Direction t-shirt, and we’re not sure how we feel about that.

28. Lindsay Lohan

Loving the pleather and the fur, Lilo, but that hat looks like you stitched it together after a night of drinking with Paris Hilton.

29. Miley Cyrus

$10 says she was stoned when she put this outfit together.

30. Jennifer Lopez

Gotta love a good track suit.

31. Kristen Stewart

Super rocker chick.

32. Selena Gomez

Literally everything about this outfit is so 2016.

Love this take on denim on denim.

33. Cara Delevingne

On somebody else this outfit would have been frumpy, but somehow Cara manages to pull this one off.

In the end, I guess the best answer for how to dress for the airport, is to look cute, but casual.

And when in doubt, just slap on a pair of sunglasses and vow to do better next time.

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