Stories by Tiffany Wood

  1. I Used a Condom To Apply My Makeup And It Was Amazing

    Choosing a condom to put over a Beauty Blender is weird. What size do I purchase? Ribbed? Textured? Latex? Non-Latex? Ultra Thin? Then again, I guess putting a condom over a Beauty Blender is pretty weird in the first place. But, whatever. I don’t know what person was crazy enough to put a condom over a

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  2. Louisa Van Der Sterren Designs Clothes For the Victorian Babes at Heart

    If you have ever wondered what a spiritually solid, 18th century-inspired, friggin BOSS looks like, look no further than Louisa Van Der Sterren, the designer of Fete Clothing. We spoke to Louisa about her love of astrology, home decor, veganism, and of course, her gorgeous clothing line. Read on and fall in love. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘div-gpt-ad-1486941865725-0’); });

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  3. How To Get Away With Wearing Pajamas In Public

    You don’t always have to choose between fashion and function. Especially when it’s actually considered to be trendy and fashion forward to wear your pajamas out. If it’s good enough for Rihanna, it’s definitely good enough for us (although no one can rock anything quite like she can). Here are a few tips and tricks to

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