Stories by Tiffany Wood

  1. I Tried Anti-Hangover Chewables and They Actually Worked

    A few of months ago I wrote a story about cheap wines that don’t taste like shit. The first line said, “Starting now everything I write will be about alcohol so I can start calling my drunken stupors ‘research.’” Little did I know that a little while later, I’d actually be sitting down with a bottle of

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  2. You Should Have a Himalayan Salt Lamp (or 6) in Your Home

    I was raised in a pretty hippie household, we call my mom the Zen Thug (because she’s into both yoga AND N.W.A/Tupac/Biggie.) It’s not surprising to find crystals, spirituality books, sage, and now, pink Himalayan salt lamps all over my home. A couple of months ago, my mom had been researching ways to further purify our home

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  3. I Used a Condom To Apply My Makeup And It Was Amazing

    Choosing a condom to put over a Beauty Blender is weird. What size do I purchase? Ribbed? Textured? Latex? Non-Latex? Ultra Thin? Then again, I guess putting a condom over a Beauty Blender is pretty weird in the first place. But, whatever. I don’t know what person was crazy enough to put a condom over a

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