Stories by Tiffany Wood

  1. Mina Gerges Remakes Your Fav Celebs’ Best Looks

    We’ve all copied trends from celebrities, but only few have gone as far as to completely duplicate celebs’ Instagram images. From outfits to hair and makeup, Mina Gerges has recreated the looks of our fav celebs (and has even been noticed by Chrissy Teigen, Nicki Minaj, Snooki, Kim Kardashian, and Katy Perry). We spoke to

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  2. Julie Houts Is Basically Illustrating Your Life

    Julie Houts aka @jooleeloren is a womenswear designer by day, and creates the most relatable and hilarious illustrations by night. Her Instagram account is loved by countless celebrities and fashion industry insiders. Julie manages to roast all 20-something while somehow making us actually enjoy it?!?!?!? We spoke to Julie about working for J.Crew, her favorite place to

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  3. I Tried Anti-Hangover Chewables and They Actually Worked

    A few of months ago I wrote a story about cheap wines that don’t taste like shit. The first line said, “Starting now everything I write will be about alcohol so I can start calling my drunken stupors ‘research.’” Little did I know that a little while later, I’d actually be sitting down with a bottle of

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