Stories by Tiffany Wood

  1. Madeleine Byrne Will Make Your Instagram Feed 10x Funnier

    Madeleine Byrne is a NorCal turned SoCal comedian, actress, singer, writer, and all around BABE. Galore sat down to ask her a few questions about her Instagram following, her fav comedians, and of course, life & dating in LA. When did you first realize that you were funny? HAHA. I love that question. I don’t

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  2. How Lauryn Evarts Went From Bartender to Blogging Boss

    I had the opportunity to speak with one of my favorite bloggers/girlbosses and was totally blown away by her focus, composure, and her ability to laugh at herself (and her husband). Lauryn Evarts of “The Skinny Confidential” spoke to Galore about balancing her many entrepreneurial ventures, her biggest wellness tips, must-have beauty products, relationship tips

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  3. How to Use Your Face Lotion As a Hydrating Mask

    It’s January, and whether you’re in cold-ass NYC or hot-ass Australia, your skin is probably dry af right about now. That’s where moisture masking comes in. No, it’s not just a moisturizing face mask. It’s actually even simpler and easier than that. READ MORE: What Does Our Generation Actually Care About? Let us begin. What

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