Here’s a Product Just For Drawing Fake Freckles on Your Face

Features that used to be considered imperfections, have recently become sought after qualities. Call us crazy or just super woke, your choice. Millennials are of the mindset that anything is possible if you have a credit card and an internet connection, which is both scary and awesome at the same time.

And now, you can even purchase a product that will give you faux freckles.

Introducing Freck, a faux freckle product and applicator created in Los Angeles by super-babe Remi Brixton.

The Freck applicator looks similar to a really tiny liquid liner and seems easy enough to apply, even for a beauty noob! Simply use the applicator to place tiny dots all over your face, focusing mostly on the bridge of your nose and across your cheeks.

For the most natural look possible, place the dots 3-5 at a time and don’t re-dip the brush into the product in order to achieve a gradient look. You can also tap the freckles with the tip of your finger to help blend and soften them.

Freck is super build-able so you can always add more or touch up throughout the day. The formula is long-wearing and can be worn on top of your regular face-beat. When the day is done, simply wash your face as you normally would and repeat the next day.

The product doesn’t officially launch until the end of this month but if you can’t wait until then to get your hands on it, Freck is currently offering an early release of their product in the shade “Brunette” while they’re working on adding more shades for their launch!

If you’re not into the full face of freckles, YouTuber Desi Perkins has been using the freckle trick for quite some time now. Any time she has a blemish she simply conceals as usual and applies a tiny brown dot on it to perfectly disguise the imperfection! Genius.

Freckles add an element of innocence to any look, even fishnets and a choker. Take a nod from the Lolita trend that’s plagued our Instagram feeds.

Play up your natural freckles or completely create them this summer, GET YOUR LINDSAY LOHAN ON (but try your best to avoid the jail part).

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