RUUMER’s ‘Heels’ Is About Running Sh*t In Your Stilettos

In the classic Amanda Bynes film She’s The Man, she says, “heels are an invention to make a woman’s butt look smaller, and to make it harder for them to run away.”

Well, clearly this script was written when big booties weren’t all the rage, but regardless, it’s true that heels are kind of symbolic of women who are going to fancy dinners or sitting pretty, not necessarily running the world.

But plenty of boss bitches can run in heels — whether they’re running the world or simply running to class to take their Bio exam.

The duo known as RUUMER are debuting their new track, “Heels,” which is all about being a HBIC in your stilettos.

“We have always been feminists,” RUUMER tells Galore. “Everything we do, everything we create, everything we write is rooted in empowering women. Now more than ever, we think it’s a vital time to focus on equality in all forms. Heels are a stereotypical symbol of femininity, so we wanted to write the song about women doing badass things in their heels to throw a wrench in the stigma.”

Check out the track below and feel free to strut your stuff along.

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