‘All That’ Is Having a Reunion and Amanda Bynes Isn’t Invited

If you were a kid in the 90s, then you definitely remember “All That.” The good news is it’s coming back — and the bad news is that its most infamous cast member’s invite to the reunion got lost in the mail.

Whether you watched “All That” for the comedy or for burgeoning tween hotties like Josh Server, it was basically the funniest show on TV. And one of the funniest people on it was Amanda Bynes. She even went on to have her own spinoff, “The Amanda Show.” You’d think Nickelodeon would be thankful to her for the years of her childhood that she donated to the cause!

But sadly, TMZ reports that Amanda has not been invited to the “All That” reunion taking place in April. Of course, there’s always a chance that TMZ’s Amanda “sources” got it wrong — but TMZ doesn’t tend to make mistakes, so we’re gonna take their word for it until Nickelodeon’s “sources” can prove otherwise.

It’s not tough to guess why Amanda wasn’t invited. A few years ago, she was consistently making headlines with bizarre behavior included but not limited to dropping a bong out her window, wearing ugly wigs, and Twitter thirst-trapping for Drake.

But since then, it’s come to light that Amanda was dealing with some serious mental health issues, which have since been resolved. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder but is now being treated. And with that in mind, it’s really not that chill of Nickelodeon to hold her past actions against her.

In fact, it’s pretty offensive. Child stars have a rough time aging into adulthood without the stigma of mental health issues, and now Amanda’s allegedly being left out of a reunion for a show she helped carry for years when most people were learning their times tables? Not fair.

Usually Disney gets criticized for failing to help its former child stars, but if these reports of Amanda being left out are true, it looks like Nickelodeon is just as guilty of tossing its vulnerable young female stars to the curb.

Anyway, the “All That” reunion is next month and Lori-Beth Denberg is sure to be in attendance. Here’s the reunion trailer:

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