Emma Stone Was Once a Teen Reality TV Contestant

Chances are you didn’t know who tf Emma Stone was until you watched her pine after a bottle of gold flake-infused vodka in Superbad, but did you know once upon a time she was a teen reality TV contestant?

Back in 2004, when sweet 16-year-old Emma Stone still called herself Emily Stone, she ended up auditioning for a reality TV singing competition on VH1 called “In Search of the Partridge Family” to cast a made for TV called “The New Partridge Family.”

Just in case you didn’t grow up with parents who were born in the 1950s and forced you to grow up watching Nick at Nite, “The Partridge Family” was basically like “The Brady Bunch” but with a lot more singing.

As Emma explained to Newsweek:

“My mom had never pushed me to audition for anything, but she saw a commercial on TV for it and said, ‘You look like Susan Dey [the woman who originally played the part Emma was auditioning for] a little, and just dyed your hair brown.”

With all due respect to Mrs. Stone, I’ll have to disagree with her on that point because this is what Susan Dey looked like when she was on “The Partridge Family.”


ANYWAY, long story short Emma, I mean Emily, ended up winning the show and staring in the made-for-TV movie, partly because of her impassioned, sultry rendition of everybody’s favorite song about being a bitch, lover, child and mother.


[H/T Natalie Guevara]

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