Watch EmRata Cause a Car Accident With Her Boobs

In weather like this, most of us throw on a pair of sweatpants or leggings and call it a day, but most of us aren’t Emily Ratajkowski.

In a new DKNY campaign, Emily wakes up, throws on a bra, and casually bounces down the stairs to take her pup for a walk through the (weirdly empty) NYC streets.

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She gets disapproving looks from her fur-clad female neighbor, gives a smile (and likely a boner) to some hot guy in a t-shirt, and causes a car crash. All this in 40 degree weather, nonetheless, which Emily took to Instagram to complain/humblebrag about, because life is hard!

Shooting today in NYC mid-January in 40 degree weather in MY UNDERWEAR. Working hard lol ❄️💪🏽😜

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The message of the video? Emily Ratajkowski looks great in underwear, and all the men of NYC are creepy pervs.

Honestly, they’re not wrong.

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