Today, Elly Low shares her debut single “I’m Afraid,” a catchy jazz-pop track that explores the relatable vulnerability and uncertainty of falling in love. As with many of Low’s songs, the lyrics unfold like a daydream or a peek into her diary—thoughtful and introspective, but real and unpretentious. With soulful, crooning vocals, Low floats over the lilting track in her own jazzy time. It’s produced with intention but maintains a raw, unprocessed feel.

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Low’s debut single, “I’m Afraid,” was executive produced by the legendary Jack Douglas (John Lennon, Aerosmith, Patti Smith, Cheap Trick), and produced by Raoul K. Douglas discovered Low by happenstance while traveling through Georgia and was taken by her talent and star power. Low was the first artist signed to Douglas’ record label, Confidential Records, founded in 2022. “Elly sent me a few demos, and I was knocked out,” said Douglas. “I immediately offered her a development deal. She has a modern sound in an earthy, bluesy, Georgia kind of way. “I’m Afraid” is the first of what’s going to be many songs coming from this uniquely talented singer/songwriter.”

Alongside “I’m Afraid,” Low shares the accompanying music video in which we see her, clad in vintage, sipping a Manhattan at a sultry speakeasy, and drafting a typewritten letter at a mid-century loft fitted with geometric wallpaper and a swiveling ball chair. The video captures Low’s effortless cool-factor, retro sensibilities, and her classic presence, reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn. Voted “Best Musician New to Atlanta” by Creative Loafing, Low’s a rising star whose music has been featured in prominent films and national commercials. Her co-writers include Big Machine’s Sara Davis (GAYLE) and Scott Mulvahill (H.E.R.).

“I’m Afraid,” released under Confidential Records, sets the stage for Elly Low’s upcoming EP, also produced by Jack Douglas, expected later this year.

Exclusive Q&A:

  1. What inspired “I’m Afraid,” and can you share a bit about the experiences or emotions that influenced the song?

Well it’s pretty personal and after I wrote it I was like well, I wonder if the person I wrote it about will ever hear it.  Feeling like you might be falling in love is a pretty intense emotion.  I wanted to be honest with the lyrics and the song is word for word, exactly how I felt at the time.  Since it’s so personal I think that’s all I want to say about it for now.

  1. “I’m Afraid” carries a distinctive jazz-pop vibe that really comes to life in the music video. Do you have any major influences that shaped your musical style?

I would say Cat Power really inspired me as a kid and I still love her music, however when I was writing this song I had Gin and Juice by Andra Day on Repeat and I so wanted to create something in that vibe.   I realize now that It doesn’t sound anything like her, however that was what pushed me in this direction.

  1. How does “I’m Afraid” set the tone for what we can expect from your future releases?

After listening to all my demos the other day, I got a little worried ’cause they all sound so different to me. Like each song could be from a different band.  Then a friend of mine suggested I go back and listen to my favorite albums.  He thought that I would find that they also vary greatly from song to song.  He said it’s the lead vocal that ties it all together and that listeners like it when they are surprised.  I don’t know if that applies to my future releases, I just hope people enjoy the music.  When I perform live that’s what really makes my day.  When I see people smiling and having a good time it means the world to me.

  1. How did you come to work with Jack Douglas? What was the experience like?

The day I met Jack, I was working at Kayak Kafe in Savannah, Georgia. I had just decided to try and make singing my career and the sandwich shop was paying my bills. This was right after I got off the road as tour manager for a local band.  

I remember Jack asked me “What’s your favorite band,” and at this point I had no idea, and I mean I had no idea, who Jack was. I said I like the Beatles. Jack said “I worked with John Lennon,” To be honest I wasn’t sure if I believed him, but at the same time I was thinking “this is amazing!!!”

So working with Jack is pretty interesting. Sometimes when we break for lunch or dinner or a trip to the airport, Jack will share a story about working with John Lennon. I’m a huge John Lennon fan, so it’s always super inspiring to hear those behind the scene stories. They are very personal to Jack’s life and at the same time very inspirational to me.  

I know I would not be where I am today without Jack Douglas. My dad always said I had a great voice. I remember he said “Well just start doing what you need to do to make it work and then perhaps something magical will happen.” Then a week or so later Jack Douglas walked into my life. Jack has believed in me from day one and it has made all the difference. I am so grateful for all of Jack’s encouragement and expertise. 

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