NYC Guy Blows His Chance at a Free New Car by Calling Kanye a ‘Stupid Rapper’

Things got a little crazy last night after Kanye West announced a surprise concert to make up for his cancelled Governor’s Ball performance, and quickly turned the streets around Webster Hall into what can only be described as a clusterfuck.  

While there were understandably a lot of upset fans after Kanye’s pop up concert failed to pop off due to crowd control problems, do you know who was even more upset this morning?

All the regular New York residents who happened to park their cars on those streets last night, like Michael Gomez, a 55-year-old East Village resident who woke up to find his car was destroyed.  

If you read our firsthand report of the madness, then you already know that Kanye’s fans did a lot of things you’re not supposed to do to cars in polite society, like running around on their roofs, shattering their windshields and kicking in all their mirrors.

According to this particular unhip older rich man, though, the damages brought on by Kanye’s stans are going to cost him “thousands and thousands of dollars.”

TBH, his cars don’t look that damaged to us, but then again he’s probably talking about the thousands of dollars in therapy his cars will need to go through over the years in order to get closure from this very traumatic experience.

Michael went on to call Kanye’s fans “animals,” telling the NY Post, “There’s no reason for this. I’m embarrassed to drive my cars now. I’m in a total state of shock. I can’t believe how cruel people can be and destroy other people’s property. All over a stupid rap artist.”

As my editor wisely pointed out, all this guy needed to do was stop before the “stupid rapper” part, and Kanye probably would have given him two free Range Rovers, because he’s a nice guy like that.  

LOL, now who’s the stupid one, Michael? 

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[H/T NY Post

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