Dreezy Goes Hard For Chicago, Chanel, and Self-Confidence

Dreezy’s “Chanel Slides” are just the beginning.

She’s also done an epic pearl-inspired Chanel shoot with Gabriel Held that would make Coco Chanel blush, plus has a cute lil’ poodle named after the French fashion house.

But when she’s not obsessing over all things crowned with the double C’s, Dreezy is slaying the competition with her epic raps and flows.

We talked to the Chicago-based rapper about her recently released mixtape, the female rap game, and her writing process.

Your mixtape Big Dreez is a banger. Which track is your favorite?


What inspired you the most while creating this mixtape?

I knew I wanted it to be sexy and different. Jeremih is one of my favorite singers to work with and from my city. I knew it would be cute.

What’s your writing process like?

I just go in and get a feel for the beat. Sometimes I’ll mumble melodies and flows on the mic to see what comes out of me, but sometimes I focus and write. It depends on the beat and my mood…and the food.

Your Trump diss is on point. What are your thoughts on the current  state of America, especially for black women?

I wouldn’t call “Spar” a Trump diss, more like a diss to society, but Trump is a part of that. The system is set up to make it harder for black people [to] survive and be successful, so we shone a light on some truths that everybody knows, but don’t have the platform to expose it.

Do you face discrimination in the music world as a dark-skinned black woman?

It’s discrimination everywhere, that’s a big fact. But when you’re so secure with yourself, and dope and blessed, you can’t be stopped. I’ll never let the industry block me out because of their beauty standards, I’m too fuckin’ talented.

What iconic female rapper do you give the most credit for paving the way and why?

They’ve all helped pave the way, so I hate to choose, but I think Lil Kim has been the most innovative and influential. Way ahead of her time, she was one of the first to everything! I also feel like Nicki Minaj has inspired a whole new generation and has taken female rap to another level and for the longest period of time. They both deserve big credit.

Who would you want to collab with on a remix of any of your current tracks?

I would love to see Nicki on “Chanel Slides.” One of the barbs suggested it to me and I gagged!

What beauty product do you never leave home without?

My foundation and lip gloss!

You’re from Chicago, what do you love most about your city?

We have the best food and the funniest, talented people. Nothing was given to us. In my city you gotta get it out the mud. I go to a lot of places now and people don’t even know how to survive, I’m blessed to know.

What is your life motto?

Everything happens for a reason. Don’t hold a grudge. Do what makes you feel good.

Any advice you would give your 16 year old self?

You a genius, keep doin’ you, don’t listen to the outside noise.

What’s next for you in 2019?

I’m going to be a multi-talented mogul in music and entertainment. A number one album, fashion, acting, and businesses.

Glasses: Rad & Refined
Shoes: Dr. Marten
Pants: B. James
Bodysuit + Top: True Religion
Pants: Out of Order
Shoes: FILA
Top + Skirt: Guess
Glasses: Rad + Refined
Boots: Fashion Nova
Hat + Overalls: JoyRich
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Photographer: Danielle DeFoe

Stylist: Manny Jay Colon

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