This grindhouse-inspired Halloween playlist is scary good

If you’re all about that mix of mystery and good music, than artist/producer VILLA has what you need… just like our beloved Lisa Terror from the mysterious Terror Jr., no one really knows who VILLA is.

What we do know, is that he’s produced some of our most fave gals like Demi Lovato and Fifth Harmony — but to date, there are no pics of him anywhere we know of. His newest project features collaborations with other artists, but he’s not trying to get on that DJ train — ‘cause let’s face it, how many remixes can one handle?

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So in the meantime, while we’re trying to figure out just who this dude is, he’s given us a Halloween Playlist with only the best songs — since that’s apparently his fave holiday.

He’s even dropped a new teaser video inspired by Tarantino’s “Grindhouse” fake trailers which also mixes his love of B-horror movies.

“I really like how Quentin Tarantino can create a new world with every film that he makes,” he says. “It’s what has inspired me to make VILLA a world of its own.”

The video teaser for “I Like It Like That” features a scary AF clown that’ll bring you all the vibes of Stephen Kings’ “IT.” And though things seem to look like they’re going south for the three roller skating girls in the video, they manage to get their revenge on Mr. Creepy Clown.

“Tarantino films usually also feature a female hero, like Zoe Bell in Death Proof, and of course Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill,” he says. “I like that the girls win in this one.”

Highlights from his curated Halloween Playlist include the new dope AF Steve Aoki remix of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” all the way to throwback classics like “Creep” by Radiohead. Check the video out here, and spin that playlist on repeat!

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