Harry Hudson’s gets in his feels on new single “Cry For Love”

We’ve all had those late night booty calls that made us feel kind of like shit afterwards. You know you shouldn’t be in bed with that person, and you don’t know you’re self worth.

Well, Harry Hudson (Kylie’s cute BFF) just debuted his first official single, “Cry For Love,” that he wrote on that exact feeling.

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“‘Cry For Love’ is a chapter of my life when I was lost and truly trying to find love and what it meant,” Harry says. “I searched for my happiness through other people and ended up in a relationship that was based on a physical love. I honestly didn’t know what loving myself meant so whenever I got a 2 a.m. text of course I was there.”

He has signed with MSFTSMusic/Roc Nation label through their Interscope Records partnership, and “Cry For Love” is just one single from his album due to release early next year.

Be sure to give Harry’s song a listen here, and don’t forget to remember to love yourself! We are all worthy of amazing relationships.

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