Girl Crush: Musician Harry Hudson Is Anything But Casual

There’s three things you should know about Harry Hudson. Actually, there’s a million things you should know about Harry Hudson. He loves to build beds. He loves taking baths. He meditates naked. Outside. And according to him, you won’t find one girl in Los Angeles who can say she’s slept with Harry Hudson. It’s refreshing, and certainly unexpected, to meet a guy who doesn’t do “casual”—casual sex, casual small talk, casual anything—and if you ever find yourself sitting across a table from Harry, you won’t find yourself in the midst of any small talk conversation. Harry is sexy without trying, who used to record in his bathroom before Drake and Future ever claimed to, and has already gone through a battle with Cancer. Get to know this old soul, without even trying.

Harry’s brother Remy said, “You would not believe Harry’s mindset before cancer to now—it’s just two completely different people,” which I blindly believe because only an experience like Harry’s can give you the appreciation for life that he undoubtedly possesses. “I love to wake up and just benefit myself. People are so afraid to die and I’ve basically experienced it,” Harry explains. “But you can’t be afraid to die because death if the best part of life. That sounds dark, but it’s real, you have to suffer to eventually feel the release. You have to go through the dark to get to the light, and the light is at the end. That’s what makes life fun, that’s what makes life worth living. I wake up everyday thinking, ‘what can we do today?’”

Most twenty-year-olds have never had to put themselves in the mindset that they are going to die, but that’s exactly what Harry had to do when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 after being hospitalized immediately after meeting with his first record label. “Suddenly everything just went flat. Nothing happened.” But when I asked him what he’s gained out of it, Harry has the most positive of outlooks. “The best thing I have gained is both a new mindset, and a great set of friends. I never had a really good group of friends growing up, and now I have my friends for life, and I’ve met them only in the past three years. That’s the most special thing I got out of it because your friends are your support system. They need to push you to your limits, they need to call you out, they need to make you a better person. Only through being uncomfortable can you ever learn to be comfortable in life. You have to be honest. I’ve embraced myself so much and I’m so brutally honest with myself and everybody around me. This is how you can balance everything, this is how you can control your emotions because emotions are the most amazing thing ever.”

Harry and I talked about everything from social media, to the world’s ludicrous obsession with JuiceCrafters to which Harry admits he does appreciate because he doesn’t eat fruits or vegetables. “I hike every day now. Sometimes I’ll hike to a new spot and I’ll just be like ‘Holy shit, nothing else matters in the world except this moment right now,’ and I’m the only one even on the mountain. But you can go to a JuiceCrafters on any given day and there’s a line out the door.” When we got into the bizarre psychology of social media, Harry doesn’t even want to talk about it. “Most musicians I know that have mad followers on Instagram are terrible musicians.”

However, on the subject of social media, I mentioned that Harry tweeted not that long ago, “Shoutout to all the strong independent women!” to which I was curious to know, what does this “very rare” guy think defines that? Harry jumped at the chance to tell me.

“Mom. M-O-M.”

“Your mom?”

“Yeah. She raised me and my brother as a single parent, she definitely did a good job. She played mom and dad. I think women are the most powerful people in the world. They have more knowledge, they’re very intuitive, they’re very motherly, that’s why we live on a planet called Mother Earth. As men, we have kind of flipped the whole system and we’ve really fucked it up. We’ve tried to overpower them.”

“Do you think men try to overcompensate because they’re intimidated?”

“Yeah, like I’m a man and I feel like every sport should include women. I feel like we haven’t pushed the boundary enough. Men are intimidated for sure.”

“Do you think men should be the providers?”

“I think women should be the providers, they’d probably make more money and make smarter decisions! My mom raised me and provided for me. My friends who are women, I learn so much from them because they’re sensitive, and they’re so real with their thoughts, and they’re very strong. All girls should be okay with that. Like, I know the most beautiful girls in the world and sometimes I go on Instagram that I’m like ‘Yo, you look nothing like that.’ I know they’re beautiful at heart but sometimes it’s just too much make-up or something when being natural is the dopest thing ever. Every girl is that strong independent woman, they just have to find that.”

I noted, “I think women definitely feel sometimes as if men have more power, in the sense that men have more power over their emotions, because women aren’t necessarily more emotional, but they do show it more.”

Harry replied, “I cry every day. I’m so serious. It’s like a work out. Me and my friends [who I live with] cry everyday. I walked out the other day and my best friend was just sitting in the driveway, crying, at 7 in the morning, like, in his underwear. That’s reality for us, we embrace the fuck out of that. If I feel sad I’m gonna cry right in front of you, I’m not ashamed of that. If I go to the gym I’m gonna work out in front of you.”

“But what makes a girl sexy?”

“Intelligence. Girls who know they can get their own money, they can be their own boss, they can be a CEO. They have that passion, they are willing to work, they’re willing to fight for what they believe in. A girl who’s honest and knows her worth and has a vision. A girl who can teach me things I don’t know and I can teach her things she doesn’t know. I want to run shit with a woman because I know she can easily take care of me, I don’t need to take care of her. If I’m going to be in a relationship, I want to be with my best friend. Looks don’t get my attention. I mean if I’m with you and I notice like ‘hey, you’ve got a great ass’ that’s awesome, I’m winning, but it’s just a bonus.”

“Can we talk about sex?”

“I have to be in love before I have sex with you. I can’t just do that. Like you said, women are more emotional, and I need to have that real connection before doing that. You won’t just meet women in LA who can say ‘Oh I’ve slept with Harry Hudson’ that just won’t happen.”

Photography and Creative Direction by Jacob Dekat and Prince Chenoa

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