DJ Pebbles’ guide to not looking like it’s your first festival

Ten years ago, festival style wasn’t even really a thing – unless you were buying a Woodstock baby tee from Delia*s or scouring AMI Clubwear for something skimpy to wear to your first rave.

But now, festivals are popping. There’s a music festival for every taste – from EDM to emo – and any festival is an excuse to buy a new, thotty outfit to take a zillion Instagram pics in.

That being said, you don’t want to splurge on an outfit that looks great on Instagram but ruins your whole festival experience IRL. You also don’t want to show up looking like a clone of every other girl who follows Kylie Jenner on Instagram.

So naturally, we asked the pros for their simple rules to craft the perfect festival outfit. DJ Pebbles, the artist behind “Heart Away From You,” gave us her festival style Do’s and Don’ts, and you should probably take notes!

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1. Pack a Back

“Bring a small backpack with a pair of leggings and a long sleeve shirt so that you have them on hand for cooler nights,” suggests Pebbles.

This may not be as important if you’re camping out somewhere like NYC, but out west the nights get cooler, and you might want to cover up your teeny bodysuit when the sun goes down. 

2. Thot it Up

“Less is more for the day,” says Pebbles. “Crop tops and bodysuits are never a bad idea, and lace or metallic bralettes always add an extra stylish element to your look.”

If you haven’t had the audacity to rock a bra as a shirt by now, a festival is a perfect time to flaunt your ta-tas.

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3. Stack Stacks

Instead of adding dimension to your outfit with a jacket that’ll annoy you all day, stick to lighter accessories.

“Load up on the jewelry — stack those rings and layer those necklaces for a more detailed, intricate look,” says Pebbles. 

4. Go Glam

“Spend time on your hair and makeup,” she suggests. “It completes the look and it’s what people will be looking at all day! Make sure to set both with your favorite spray so that it lasts all day and night.” 

5. Protect Ya Self Before You Wreck Ya Self

Amid all the bronzer, glitter, and flash tats, it can be easy to forget sunscreen. But if you do, you’ll immediately regret it.

“Sunscreen is an important part of every look you put on,” says Pebbles. “Lather it up or else you’ll be hurting the next day!”

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1. Slip on Stilettos 

Want everyone to think it’s your first festival? Then wear heels. But if you don’t want to look and feel like a dumbass when it’s noon and your feet already are in pain and covered in dirt, follow Pebbles’ advice.

“Sneakers or combat boots are a must,” she says. “If you need the extra outfit elevation, grab a pair of trendy sneakers –my favorites are Golden Goose brand.”

2. Wear a Jacket For The ‘Gram

“Don’t wear anything heavy (pants, layers, etc) –you will get hot in the mosh pit,” she says.

This should go without saying, but better safe than sweaty.

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3. Or a Hat

Basic bloggers love those embroidered sun hats and tumblr girls love dad hats, but don’t wear one that’s near and dear to your heart.

“Leave the hat at home,” says Pebbles. “Most likely, it will get lost or stolen from your head by a random intoxicated stranger.”

Ah, festivals sound so fun!

4. F The Fringe

When you think festival style, you think fringe, but Pebbles said to skip that, and not just because it’s overdone.

“Don’t wear things with a ton of strings or loose ends, they will get caught or pull on things around you,” she says.

5. Check Pinterest For Inspo

If you need ideas for what to wear to Coachella, it makes sense to check out what popular style bloggers are wearing, but do so at your own risk.

“Make sure you don’t copy your outfit exactly from what you see on blogs that put out trends for festival season,” she warns, “you’ll be seeing lots of doppelgängers.”


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