Guys Admit They Don’t “Forget To Text Back” If They’re Into You

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there’s no such thing as a bad texter.

If someone is a “bad texter” to you, it just means they DGAF about you, sorry.

When we talked to rapper Kalin White, he admitted that he never forgets to respond quickly if he’s really into a girl, and guys on Reddit say the same.

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One user asked men on Reddit, “Men, when you’re texting a girl you’re interested in how often do you get side tracked and forget to answer her?

Their response?

“Never,” said Reddit user Mustang80.

Obviously, responses differed, and some dudes do have occasional moments when they can’t respond within 30 seconds, or they’re trying to play hard to get, but still. If a guy is waiting multiple days to text you back, or simply forgetting and texting you the next time he wants something from you, you should already know what’s up.

“If I’m really into her, then I probably wouldn’t forget to answer her,” said Reddit user makemeadodobird. “If it was a particularly busy day at work, it might be delayed, but I’d find time to respond.”

Are you taking notes? If a guy uses a “busy day at work” as an excuse for not texting you, he’s probs not that into you — especially if the relationship is new. Like, ever heard of a lunch break?

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This doesn’t necessarily apply to relationships, because if you’re dating a guy you’re probs not worried if he’s into you or not, and you’re probs both comfortable not texting all day at this point because you have lives. But, if it’s a new fling and he is “busy” and doesn’t text you, you should know what’s up.

“If I’m interested I won’t get sidetracked from her ever,” said Reddit user iLuvR. “Might wait a few minutes to text her back on occasion though.”

A few minutes is one thing. A few days is another.

“[It] depends on how engaging the conversation is and what I’m doing at the time,” said Reddit user conradwinkles. “If I’m just sitting there watching TV or something I’ll answer fast. If I’m at work it may be slower.”

Oh jeez. Now you are supposed to be engaging on top of being attractive? Life is hard.

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“Unless I’m blown out of my mind, I don’t forget to text back if I’m genuinely interested in someone,” said Reddit user st0nedt0theb0ne. “If I’m not interested it shows. I’ll take hours to text back and tend to just stop replying.”

Remember this next time you’re making excuses for a guy that “is probably just really busy!”

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The bottom line is that it’s easy to overthink when you meet a new guy and try to interpret meaning from everything he says/does, but it should be simple. If he’s texting you quickly and frequently: he’s into you. If he’s taking forever to respond and completely dropping off in the middle of conversation: he’s not as into you. Sure, people are busy and some older guys aren’t trying to text 24/7, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their phones on them at all times and that they’ll leave a girl they’re into on read.

“[I’ll] rarely [forget to answer a girl I’m into],” said Reddit user doesdrpepperhaveaphd. “If someone is worth my time, I’ll give it to them.”

And if a dude isn’t valuing your time by responding in a timely manner? GTFO!

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