The Clermont twins are having a major moment

Iconic is one word to use when talking about the Clermont Twins. Hypnotizing is another. You cannot deny the infectious  influence these two lovely ladies posses.

This past weekend, they graced our feed with the Yeezy Season 6 release. As we scrolled down our Instagram feeds, thirsty for more, they did not fail to deliver.

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But our favorite twins are definitely not newcomers to the scene. They starred in “Bad Girls Club” season 14, and we loved every single bit of it. The memorable one-liners can be seen as memes and gifs on social media to this day. They showcased how it really feels to be “THAT BITCH” for the whole world to gawk at. They recently dropped their super sexy line “Mont Boudoir” which focuses on a very sexy and trendy style, but not an Instagram boutique Fashion Nova look.

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Their shoots are well-crafted and easily go viral within minutes of being posted. There is a misconception of the twins being standoffish and mean, but upon meeting them you’ll find something else: soft, sweet tones that are infectious and hard not to fall in love with. We know the Clermonts are here to stay, and we cannot wait to see what else they have in store for us.

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Furs – Colin LoCascio | Beige Boots – Yeezy Season 2 | Black Boots – Giuseppe Zanotti

Coat – Kim Shui | Shoes – Ego

Yellow Vest – Kim Shui | Skirt – ICETEES | Boots – Tom Ford | Top – Kim Shui | Skirt – ICETEES | Boots – Giuseppe Zanotti

Top – Orseund Iris | Pants – THII

Blue Crop Top – PH5 | Pants – Colin LoCascio | Dress – PH5 | Boots – Dior

Photographer: Amina Gingold

Stylist: Nyasia Rudolph

Hair and MUA: Shannon and Shannade Clermont

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