Where to buy the Kim K clone army looks for less

So you want to be a part of Kim Kardashian’s Yeezy Season 6 army, but you don’t want to drop $999 on a jacket. We get it! We’re right there with you. 

The Yeezy vibe has inspired a bunch of dupes from all over, so you’re in luck. Also, most of the Yeezy looks are basics that you can truly find anywhere, from Revolve to Forever 21.

Look #1:

This look is basically nude with a touch of military. Most military jackets online have a camo vibe, but I found a pretty similar dupe on Naked Wardrobe. This brand is also super popular with the Kardashian crew, and is carried at their DASH stores.

Buy it here!

The shoes are basic nude and lucite heels, and you can find them at places like Steve Madden and Fashion Nova.

Add some McDonald’s ice cream to that look (if the machine is working), and you’re all set!

Look #2:

So while there aren’t any super cute blue sweatpants on the market just yet, there are super cute activewear sets that are super similar to this. My favorite was a look from Revolve, because the color is so close to the Yeezy set. And it’s on sale!

For the shoes, I chose these by the way. booties from Revolve! They were the most like the Yeezy Season booties, with the closed toe and a thin heel.

Look #3:


To get this look, start with these Amazon sunnies to block out the flash of the paps taking photos of you. Next, head on over to Naked Wardrobe and snag their “Come To My Hood” sweater, and their “Work It Out” shorts. While this Naked Wardrobe set isn’t quite the charcoal color like the real deal, it’s still the closest dupe out there. Add a simple black strappy heel like this pair from Public Desire, and your look is DONE!

Look #4:

For this look, just grab a basic charcoal colored tank top like this one from H&M, and then throw on some same-colored sweatpants. I liked this from Old Navy because of the way the colors matched. Add these snakeskin booties from Public Desire and you’re good to go.

Look #5:

For this lewkkkk, all you need is your birthday suit, these Public Desire booties, and your phone. Business calls only!

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