Who are all the Kim clones in the Yeezy Season 6 influencer campaign?

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Scrolling through Instagram yesterday was a lot like what I imagine Black Mirror would be if it took place in Calabasas: everyone was dressed like Kim Kardashian (no seriously, everyone), and everyone wore bike shorts and looked… hot.

Instagram models, influencers, stylists, and bloggers alike all posted photos dressed in head-to-toe monochrome looks, all with two things in common: platinum blonde hair and a caption that read #YeezySeason6.

We all remember that very important series of photos Kim posted on her own IG:


A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

And for a while, we couldn’t quite tell if these were actual paparazzi shots, but it’s now clear they were actually a premeditated teaser to Kanye’s newest collection, Yeezy Season 6.

This was pretty genius: K and ‘Ye totally appropriated the paparazzi photo and used it to their advantage (couples who scam together, stay together!), and now Kim’s 107+ million followers would anticipate her next Yeezy “street style” moment.

But it turns out this maneuver was just the pregame for a much larger scale operation that launched yesterday.

People from the likes of Sarah Snyder to the Paris Hilton all posted candid, paparazzi-style photos dressed as Kim Kardashian wearing Yeezy Season 6. It was pretty wild and a definite mindf*ck, and just one of those times the internet made the world feel really small.

Listen: all’s fair in love and fashion week. And this season, designers are getting increasingly creative with the way they debut and debut new collections. As the runway show becomes increasingly outdated, designers need to find new ways to stay relevant. Influencer marketing that’s done in a smart, seamless way is one of them.

Leave it to Kanye and his team. Not only did this movement reach all of Kim’s loyal fans, it’s reached Sarah’s, Paris’, Jordyn’s, Sami’s…between the#YeezySeason6 army and their combined 136 million Instagram followers. No one is safe.

So, just who’s in the lineup?

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#yeezyseason6 #sarahsnyder

A post shared by Sarah (@sarahfuckingsnyder) on

Sarah Snyder (known to some as Sarah F*cking Snyder, exclusively) dated Jaden Smith in 2017. She’s since maintained a strong IG presence where she showcases her style, and just recently starred in a L’Officiel campaign as well as a Vogue Japan spread. The 22-year-old was also lowkey charged with grand larceny after being accused of stealing a $15,995 Hermes bag… and wore her mugshot to court. And we obviously wrote about it.




A post shared by SAMI MIRÓ (@samimiro) on

Sami Miro is a designer, stylist and creative director from San Francisco. She dated Zac Efron in 2014 which is pretty cool, but she’s also launched her own repurposed vintage clothing label, Sami Miro Vintage, which is way cooler. Just recently, she landed this Forever 21 collab which sold out in hours.




A post shared by ⚡️ A R ⚡️ (@abigailratchford) on

Abigail Ratchford is one of the OG Instagram models. She’s from a small town, but since her IG fame has had guest roles on TV shows like “Parks and Recreation” and been featured in various magazines. She lives in LA, guess Kanye and Kim got their hands on her too. She’s also adept at dealing with Instagram haters and swatting creeps out of the DMs.


Abigail Ratchford’s over her Instagram haters and you should be too

Abigail Ratchford’s guide to swatting creeps out of the DMs



A post shared by SIERRA SKYE (@sierraaaskyee) on

Sierra is a swimsuit model from Cali. You may recognize her from her work with Boutine LA, one of Instagram’s favorite up-and-coming swimsuit brands. Sierra is also signed with Elite Models, so you may recognize her from other stuff, too.



A post shared by Sahara Ray (@sahara_ray) on

You (most likely) know who this is. She’s a beautiful Australian swimsuit model turned entrepreneur and owner of her own line, Sahara Ray Swim. She was also rumored to have dated Justin Bieber back in 2016, casual.



A post shared by lindsey (@lindseypelas) on

We actually did a write up on Lindsey Pelas a little while ago. She’s a model who moved from Louisiana to LA, who’s posed for Playboy and dated Dan Bilzerian, the self-proclaimed “king of Instagram.” She’s also woke af — follow her on Twitter to watch her take down the guys who drool over her when they get bent out of shape about her political tweets.




A post shared by Zara McKenzie 💕 (@balencizara) on

Zara Mckenzie is someone I’ve been following for a while now. She’s gained nearly 10k followers since her participation in the Yeezy campaign, but she’s been killing it since long before that. Zara’s a model, stylist, and creative director from the UK who just recently took a trip to Calabasas…guess that went well!



A post shared by chinqpink (@chinqpink) on

Chinqpink is one of the lower key participants in this Yeezy Season campaign, from what we can tell. From her IG, she seems to be a model and creative based in LA. Her signature pink hair was a definite cool addition to Ye’s campaign, given that everybody else was assigned Kim’s blonde locks.


👑 #YeezySeason6

A post shared by Paris Hilton (@parishilton) on

And here:

So much fun being a #KimClone in the new #YeezySeason6 campaign. 🔥

A post shared by Paris Hilton (@parishilton) on

You may be familiar with Paris Hilton (lol). Heiress turned socialite turned celebrity turned singer (whomst could forget “Stars Are Blind”, the song that defined a generation) turned DJ, now turned Yeezy model. We also obviously all know how ironic and cool it is that Paris is paying homage to Kim, whose celebrity is perhaps Paris’ best work.

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A post shared by I AM THE INFLUENCE (@amina.blue) on

Amina is a 24-year-old model from Queens, New York. She’s starred in some music videos, including Tyga’s “1 of 1” music video and and A$ap Ferg’s “New Level” video. But getting booked for Yeezy Season 1 in 2015 was Blue’s big break, and she (clearly) continues to serve as a muse to Kanye.



A post shared by HEIR JORDYN (@jordynwoods) on

In the past year or so, Kylie Jenner’s best friend Jordyn has become an influencer in her own right. She boasts a whopping 4.2 million followers and Instagram, and has been signed to Wilhelmina for some time now. Guess she can add Yeezy to her modeling portfolio, which already included Galore, natch.

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A post shared by Kristen Noel Crawley (@kristennoelcrawley) on

Crawley is a beauty guru turned entrepreneur, and is the owner and founder of KNC Beauty.



A post shared by Anastasia Karanikolaou (@stassiebaby) on

Oh come on, ‘Ye couldn’t leave out Kylie’s other hot best friend, Stassie! You’ve seen her on Kylie’s Snapchat, but not “Vanderpump Rules.” That’s someone else. Believe it or not, there’s more than one Stassie in SoCal.



A post shared by Shannon and Shannade Clermont (@clermonttwins) on

The Clermont Twins for sure got naked in a few pics. Click over to their Instagram to see those.

The Clermont Twins are identical twins from New York who rose to fame after their eventful stint on “Bad Girls Club” season 14. The twins have since starred in a Future music video, shot with Terry Richardson, and have their own clothing label, Montboudoir. #doingthings

This style of advertising is incredibly true to Yeezy as a brand, and acknowledges the powerful role social media plays and has always played in contributing to its brand identity. But it does so in a funny, clever, and inexplicably cool way that, even if you hate the clothing— you can’t help but be intrigued by.

Here’s to seeing what Kanye does next. Will he drop a menswear line where everyone is dressed like him? A kid’s line where everyone is dressed like North? Only time will tell.

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