You Can Buy Alcoholic Iced Coffee In a Can This Summer

Picture this: It’s a summer morning and you want to get your turn up on. But the only problem is, you have to sit in your kitchen and have your coffee first so that you don’t get drunk and attack all your “friends.”

Instead of wasting time inside and sipping on something way too hot, you could drop by a Starbucks and grab a cold brew. Or, you could go straight to party town and pick up one of these Bad Larry’s Cold Hard Coffees.

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WTF are Bad Larry’s? I didn’t know until this morning either, but they’re cold brew coffees mixed with liquor. Like any canned mixed drink, I’m sure you have your doubts about just how much alcohol is involved, so here’s the sitch: Bad Larry’s is six percent ABV, which puts it somewhere between the average beer and the average wine’s alcohol content. Not bad.

But if the caffeine is really what you’re fiending for, prepare to be peppy, because one can packs 180 milligrams of caffeine, which is a lot.

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But the best part of all of this is that Bad Larry’s isn’t out yet. I know that doesn’t sound like the best part, but just wait. Since it’s not out yet, nobody really knows what it is yet and won’t recognize the cans. Which means by the time the weather starts to get warm, you’ll be able to chug these babies on the beach without any cops or lifeguards hassling you for boozing on the beach. Genius, right? I know.

A pack of four cans will cost around $10 and will (hopefully) be available near you sometimes soon, although sales are starting in Minnesota and Wisconsin, which is extremely rando. Just make sure you remember to hydrate!

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