Camila Says She Felt Too “Sexualized” in Fifth Harmony

Ever since Camila Cabello decided to peace out of immensely popular Simon Cowell-manufactured girl group Fifth Harmony, she’s largely become a villain in the eyes of the people who used to stan for her. Especially if you’re part of the faction who believes Taylor Swift was behind the whole thing.

And now, Camila has offered up a new reason for quitting the band. She’s saying she felt over-sexualized.

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This morning, Lena Dunham’s infamous news outlet Lenny Letter published an interview with Camila where she says she “had to put her foot down” sometimes because being in Fifth Harmony made her feel like a piece of meat.

When asked by Lena whether Camila had ever had to push back against presenting herself as a “full-time sex symbol,” Camila replied, “Oh my God. Yeah, definitely.”

She continued:

“Especially with being a girl group, there’s been a lot of times where people have tried to sexualize us to just get more attention. Unfortunately, sex sells. There’s definitely been times where there’s stuff that I have not been comfortable with and I’ve had to put my foot down.”

And how many times can one nineteen-year-old superstar put her foot down before she realizes she already sings most of the solos anyway and there’s no reason why she shouldn’t pull a Zayn already?

Actually, come to think of it, if this is what really happened, Taylor Swift was probably still behind the whole thing.

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If Camila was feeling that sexualized by being in Fifth Harmony, there’s no way she wasn’t telling her best friend Taylor about it, and there’s no way Taylor wasn’t hearing Camila’s complaints without suggesting maybe it was time to start planning her exit strategy.

Let’s just hope that for your sake Camila, your decision to be a solo artist goes better than Nick Lachey’s.

[H/T Cosmopolitan]

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