Taylor Swift Might Have Influenced Camila to Leave Fifth Harmony

Taylor Swift might have been whispering in Camila Cabello’s ear to leave Fifth Harmony since as early as last year.

Camila decided to leave Fifth Harmony last night and fans are clamoring for more deets.

Well, it’s known that Taylor Swift basically invited Camila into her infamous, elite af, trend-ruining squad. The two hang out all the time, and proof of their BFF-ship can be found in this Instagram Camila posted for Tay’s Birthday last week.


And that’s not the only proof of T-Swift’s influence on Camila. According to HollywoodLife, apparently Taylor has even been encouraging Camila to ditch 5H since last year, saying that her solo career would be successful.

“Taylor really sees something in Camila,” HollywoodLife said last year, “even reportedly encouraging the Fifth Harmony singer to leave the group and go solo! Camila is reluctant to pull a Zayn and desert her friends…”

Well, it appears as though Tay’s advice got to her head and now she’s ditched the rest of Fifth Harmony. She really pulled a Zayn, Fifth Harmony is no longer a harmony.

But it’s okay because Fifth Harmony has promised to continue on and we have faith in that.

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