Calvin Harris No Longer Dating Celebs, Prefers Non-Famous ‘Sexy Latinas’

Well, looks like Calvin Harris has moved on from the “talking shit about his ex” phase of a breakup to the “saying he wants to bang chicks that are the polar opposite of his ex” phase.

Sources close to the DJ recently told TMZ that Calvin Harris believes all celebrities are narcissistic now, excluding himself of course, and that all he wants is a normal, non-famous, sexy Latina girlfriend to get over the conniving blonde wolf in lamb’s clothing he used to call bae.

But first, he definitely wants to enjoy banging as many chicks as possible, which shouldn’t be difficult seeing as he’s currently the resident DJ at the MGM Grand, one of the biggest nightclubs in Vegas.

In fact, he’s already honing his pick up lines — here’s one he used yesterday in Mexico that was apparently very effective.


Isn’t it cute how little effort famous boys have to put into flirting?

Oh, Calvin.

Fingers crossed you find the sexy Latina girlfriend of your dreams before Taylor and Tom Hiddleston get engaged by the end of the month, or something equally ridiculous and not at all fake.


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