8 women on the moment they knew their boo was holding them back

Sometimes when you’re dating a guy, it dawns on you that he’s completely dimming your shine.

It’s tragic when you figure it out at first. You’re so accustomed to a certain lifestyle and routine, that it feels like being without them is impossible. Don’t be fooled, there is nothing worse than a waste of potential, and being with someone purely out of pity.

There’s a guilt trip that comes with this realization. Am I being dramatic? Why am I thinking of myself so highly? Could I really do better? If any of these questions pop into your head while you’re dating someone, it’s time to peace girl. It’s the only way to not drive yourself insane, and in the long run you’ll look back and literally crack up about it.

After talking with a handful of girls I found out that I was FAR from being a narcissistic heart-breaking bitch with an ego the size of an elephant. These eight stories highlight some of the best moments girls came to their senses and knew they could do better.

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1. He failed freshman English

“My ex-boyfriend would put me down to make me feel like I didn’t have the potential to carry on without him. He had a huge final project due in English 101, he sent me the guidelines and told me it was due in the morning, I stayed up all night reading a book and doing this project, only for him to fail because of attendance anyways. I figured it was time to cut him loose.” – Kara

2. Report it!

“I’m an international student at college, for my freshmen year I was still dating my high school sweetheart, who remained in my home country. He would ask me to Facetime him during class to make sure I wasn’t talking to any boys. I finally had enough when I went to the bar one night and my TA offered me a drink. I thought I was doing the honest thing telling my bf what had happened, but he took it way too far saying he would break up with me if I didn’t report the incident to the university. I was like ‘do it’ at this point. It only got worse after that, when I finally went home he would ask to see me, I would refuse so he would leave a cake at my door.” – Ana

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3. Bitch don’t kill my thrive

“I was dating a guy who was still in the process of getting his bachelors at 25, while I was working three jobs trying to make things happen for myself. One day I mentioned how I wanted to work in the entertainment industry someday and he straight up was like, ‘You probably shouldn’t bank on that, the odds of it happening are really slim.’ I realized he was destined to be a loser and our relationship was never really the same. Then I made a viral comedy video, got a job in NYC and dropped his ass!” – Marie

4. He logged into my FB

“I was a senior in high school dating a 22-year-old with with no aspirations who was living with his mom. I always knew after school I wanted to move to NYC and he 100% supported my dreams. But as summer ended and it was time to move to New York he got really insecure and would obsess over my social media. It got to the point where he made me feel bad about meeting new people and doing things I enjoyed, like writing for fashion week. I came to my senses and dumped him almost a year ago, he still tries to log into my Facebook and Instagram to check up on me.” – Jackie

5. I was his sugar mama

“The guy I dated all throughout high school was as dumb as a door nail and cheated on me every other week, that should have been my first sign. He hasn’t worked once in his life, meanwhile I would be working 40 hours a week. He would always make me pay for him wherever, or whatever we were doing that day, even though his mommy shelled out cash to him all the fucking time. I don’t recommend.” – Elaine

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6. It’s called dual-sided bruh

“I would always send my ex pics of me in bed with my comforter in my face, this particular comforter happened to have two patterns on each side. And one time I guess I sent him a picture with the opposite side of the comforter so he called me 1073783 times and told me he was gonna fuck me up because I was in someone else’s bed and was sending me pics of my bed trying to tell me I was lying, so I had to FaceTime him to prove I was in bed. I figured out he was a psycho after that.” – Nikki

7. It was a SIGN

“One time my ex texted me freaking out asking, ‘who the fuck are you talking to?!’ accusing me of being together with another guy. I was sitting in sociology class, so confused, but found out he was probing because my horoscope said I would find a new love that month…” – Theresa

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8. He can’t go the distance

“I knew he wasn’t worth it when he couldn’t handle being away from each other for more than a week. I had just gotten a once-in-a-lifetime internship in NYC, and instead of supporting me, he narrowed his efforts to only himself. When I wasn’t convenient for him anymore he stopped factoring me into the equation.” – Emily

If you or someone close to you can relate in anyway to one of these stories I trust you’ll do the right thing and #GTFO. Every woman needs to recognize her worth, and give themselves to someone who deserves them and only wants to grow and shine with them.

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