6 lesbian movies to watch with that girl you’re dropping hints to

When you are not quite sure about another girl’s feelings for you, “Netflix and Chill” just isn’t going to cut it.

So I present to you “Lezpics and Spill,” a list of lesbian movies to watch with the girl you like. And then maybe you can find the courage to spill your heart out to her after!

1. But I’m a Cheerleader

This movie selection will scream, “I’m a cool, chill girl who’s on Tumblr a lot and I have a Virgin Suicides quote as my ig bio.”

It shows you have movie knowledge and like aesthetics. If you happen to say, “Oh, that’s crazy I used to be a cheerleader too,” while watching it, so be it.

2. Lost and Delirious

This movie is about two senior girls in boarding school who fall in love — and their third baby freshman roommate is Mischa Barton!

You can chalk this up to being like, “OMG I really relate to Marissa from The OC” if you just want to drop EVERY hint you have got (Mischa has like a three-episode lesbian stint in “The OC”).

Or if she doesn’t seem into it, you can play it cool and act like you thought it was Sofia Coppola’s “Lost in Translation.” Oops!

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3. D.E.B.S

A group of school girls are actually in a secret government agency trying to capture the world’s biggest criminal who is, surprisingly, a hot girl.

This movie is campy and silly so you can definitely pull off that you didn’t KNOW that the hot criminal was going to fall in love with the hot school girl spy but totally be like, “Oh OMG! Wow. I would totally fight crime with you, though.”

4. All Over Me

This movie is like the lesbian version of “Kids.”

It’s two grungy best friends who live in a bad area of New York. One of the girls is in love with her best friend who has a shitty boyfriend. Luckily, she meets a cute punky lesbian girl with pink hair (the actress who goes on to play Alice in “The L Word”).

This could be good to watch with a girl who has a boyfriend. It’s like, yeah, so what? I’m dropping hints that I may or may not be attracted to women and you may or may not be one of them. Regardless, one day I’ll be successful and have a Portia on my arm just like Ellen!

5. Mulholland Drive

I mean OBVI this movie is just a classic.

You can talk about the Twin Peaks revival making you want to watch it, or you can just say you need some Hollywood glam. Either way, if she likes David Lynch that’s a plus, and you can use it as a platform for discussing dreams, like maybe the one where you and her get married.

Something like, “Wow, do you think the whole movie was just a dream?” is a good intro into that.

6. Jack & Diane

This movie is really, really weird, but it’s about summer in NYC and falling in love with a random strange girl who works at a record store so it fits the mood. It has lots of forbidden love elements that work well in a, “God, yeah, parents just don’t understand” kind of way, and it also has like a weird werewolf monster element that goes unexplained the whole movie.

If nothing else, it will be a good talking point when you turn the lights on after sitting next to the girl you want to make out with for two hours and feel a bit tongue tied!

These are all good options just please, PLEASE don’t put on Blue is the Warmest Color ok? It may seem like a good idea when you first consider it, but the sex scene is like an hour long and I promise you if you’re not making out by then, it WILL be really uncomfortable. Trust me, I know.

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