More Dudes Are Down To Date a Bisexual Person Than Girls Are

Would you be down to date someone who is bisexual? It’s something that lots of us haven’t really thought about until we’re on a Tinder date and the guy sitting across from us casually mentions his ex-boyfriend.

Well, a lot of people aren’t. 47% of people said they would not be open to having a relationship with a bisexual person, according to a survey done by sex toy company Adam and Eve.

That sounds like a lot, which is kind of a bummer, but there were also 19% of people who were unsure if they would date someone bisexual or not.

So, why are people so discriminatory about bisexual people? It it a jealousy thing? A self-confidence thing? Who cares if your latest bae used to date a dude before you? He’s with you now, and that’s all that should really matter.

Moreover, don’t try to pull the whole “all bisexuals just haven’t decided yet” bullshit. That’s really fucking offensive, what if somebody tried to tell you that you weren’t aware of your own sexual identity?

But when it comes down to if guys or girls were more down to date someone bisexual, guys were actually the more tolerant ones.

39% of guys were down to have a bisexual partner, whereas 31% of girls were.

Kind of funny because I bet half the guys who said they’re down to date a bisexual chick also say “no homo” when they hug their bro, and they only are down with bisexual chicks because they think they’ll get a threesome out of it, but whatever.

It’s unclear whether Adam and Eve only had straight-identifying participants, but we would assume that they did considering the nature of the survey.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any previous studies to compare these numbers to, but we’re willing to bet that more people are down with a bisexual bae today then they were ten years ago. With celebs like Bella Thorne and Cara Delevingne identifying as bi, it seems like bisexuality is becoming more and more commonplace in pop culture, so let’s make it commonplace in regular culture too. Kay?

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