Bella Thorne Is Now Apparently Dating Her Female Bestie

This sounds like a soap opera plot twist, but we assure you, this is Bella Thorne’s real life right now.

Here’s how it went down.

On August 15th, Bella Thorne broke up with her British boyfriend Gregg Sulkin. For her fans, this news seemed to come completely out of the blue. In a joint press statement, Bella and the brit made it clear that there were no hard feelings, it’s just a bitch to keep a long distance relationship going.

Shortly after, Bella Throne wrote a very love-filled birthday message to her brother’s ex-girlfriend and her bestie, Bella Pendergast, and shared it on Instagram.

This part is slightly less crazy than it seems.

Bella P. dated Bella T.’s brother Remy three years ago, and Bella P. and Bella T. have been best friends ever since.

At the time, the only message Bella Thorne’s Instagram message seemed to be saying was, “Gregg, don’t cry for me because I’m not crying over you.”

Then, on August 20th, Bella T. and Bella P. sent each other a pair of super sweet tweets. Bella T. tweeted a picture of Bella P. with a horse, calling her “my gorgeous girl,” and Bella P. told Bella T., “I love you baby kitty.”

Again, at the time this didn’t seem that deep. Just two friends being friends.

But on August 21st, Bella Thorne shared a video on Snapchat where she and Bella P. shared an incredibly sweet kiss on the lips.

To make matters even more adorable, after they pulled apart from each other Bella Thorne said, “Oh my God, I’m just so happy I found you.”

Later on in Bella Thorne’s Snapchat story, she also shared two Polaroids of her and Bella P. sharing some tender moments in nature.


Suddenly, it seemed very clear that Bella T. and Bella P. weren’t just best friends anymore.

Fans obviously picked up on this, and on August 22nd, Bella T. actually retweeted a message from a fan who said, “wake me up when these damn girls will officially date.”

And then yesterday, Bella Thorne apparently came out as bisexual.

Although Bella T. and Bella P. have yet to explicitly tell the world, “why yes, we are dating,” they’re not being shy about the fact that they love each other and are way cuter than the majority of social media couples you see on the daily.

Maybe they’ll become a power couple, maybe their relationship will fizzle out, or maybe they’ll keep it on the DL for years and then come out one day and say, “Oh, BTWs, we just got married.”

Either way, we’re sure that whatever’s going on between the Bellas will continue to be adorable as fuck.

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