Big Boss Vette is RESILIENT

Big Boss Vette exudes classic underdog hunger spiked with a fresh, fearless, and fiery approach to hip-hop. The St, Louis-born rapper toggles between airtight bars, slippery melodies, and irresistible hooks. The rapidly-rising St. Louis rapper and singer Big Boss Vette shares her anxiously awaited debut EP, RESILIENCE via Beatstaz/Amigo Records/Republic Records. Listen to RESILIENCEHERE.

In celebration of the project’s arrival, she uncovered a personal short film that digs deeper into Big Boss Vette’s story of RESILIENCE. It opens with a powerful line from the hit-maker as she states, “the good shit yall see came from a million failures.” Then it proceeds to chronicle her success from the very start up until now. It’s a transparent and inspiring story of how self belief will unlock the doors to achieving your dreams.

With no shortage of quotable wordplay or massive melodies, RESILIENCE boasts seven brand new songs. The stand out track “Get It” is a multigenerational anthem fit for any backyard bbq. While other songs including the punchy “Another One” and club-ready banger “Lick The Cat” double-down on Big Boss Vette’s strong aptitude for creating memorable hooks.

Now, she shows her Resilience.

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Photographer: Down To Be Artsy @dtba_

Photo Edit by Carlos Graciano @sadpapi666 


You’re more than a rap artist, how would you describe your sound?

I would describe my sound as authentically different, that’s because I show up, and I shout out and I’m authentically myself. I don’t want to sound like nobody, I don’t want to be like nobody, I just want to be Big Boss Vette.

You are definitely giving authentic. When I think about a playlist that includes Big Boss Vette, I think of Azalea Banks, what other artists come to mind for you?

If we are going to mix and match Big Boss Vette, we gonna ass in some Latto, we’re gonna add in some Cardi, City Girls, Maiya The Don, Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj… we gonna add all the girlies okay!

You’re giving you’re ready to be on go at any time. You’re hard at work promoting your debut project, Resilience, how did it feel to perform your new works for the Rolling Loud audience?

To be honest, I’ve been teasing these tracks for a very long time. To perform them I was ready! I already know I create great music and bring out great energy. When I hit that stage, I demand for my cousins to rock out with me, turn up with me, and give me their full, undivided attention. It’s my time to shine. They loved it! I was grateful, it was an honor honestly.

I just heard that BET premiered your “Get It” video in Times Square –

In Times Square Baby!!! Ahhhh

Let’s go! How does it feel to have your first ever billboard in Times Square?

It feels amazing! The whole time I was just screaming, I couldn’t contain it, it’s Times Square it’s an honor. They actually tricked me, they said that we were going to be out there to film content, and then they had me turn around and look and I was so excited and I couldn’t contain it! To have that type of support while I’m building means everything to me.

It’s great that you got to start your day off with such a celebraroty moment!


You also have an exclusive EP Release Playback tonight for Republic NYC Studios. I’m excited for you to pop out. My favorite tracks from the EP are “Fly Shhh”, “Get It”, “Can’t FWM” & “Dollas”. If you could choose your top tracks which would they be?

I would do “Get It” because that song is everything, it’s house, work out, family function, it’s commercial it’s everything. That record is so big and can be pushed so many places.

I like “Can’t FWM” because when you’re feeling down it’s gonna snap you out of your bag. I would also say “Dollas” and “Another One”. I love both of those because it’s giving. we’re in the club, hookah in hand.

You’re from St. Louis, Missouri, how would you say St. Louis is different from NY?

First things first, we don’t have such a big scenery there. St. Louis is like an off market type of place. To be honest, if I didn’t blow up off of social media, I don’t know how I would be here today.

Our accents are also very much different, I’m country as hell.

I’m here for the southern girl accent!

Thank you, thank you!

What’s something you look forward to doing in NYC when you’re not performing and running press?

Eating. I be ready. I’m an open person so I will try any place. I also want to see the scenery and meet new people. Networking and creating content in this nice city.

I first discovered your song “Snatched” at a queer party in Brooklyn. What impact does it have for you that your music resonates in the queer community?

I love it because I am pansexual, so my love has no limits. To be accepted and streamed by everyone means so much. Not too many people can resonates with my cousins (her word for fans/supporters).

You are signed to Republic Records. In previous interviews you mentioned getting signed means things get harder (meeting deadlines, getting clearances, marketing yourself etc). Would you say things have gotten easier?

Now yes, absolutely. When I first started, absolutely not. You are starting over at the bottom in a new playing field. I had thought that when you get signed, you are Beyonce, and that’s not what happens. You gotta get your name out there, having dates for drops, clearances if you use certain sounds or references in your songs. everything is different on a corporate level. They also reach certain points you can’t reach if you was not signed.

What advice do you have for independent artists looking for more exposure?

I would say just keep posting cause I went viral off of being broke. I had propped by phone up. I had a Playstation 2 to have the beat and I was just posting, I didn’t have a plan behind it I was just doing it. When I started going viral, that’s when the money started to come. At one point I traveled fourteen hours via car for seven-hundred dollars. Just do it. There will be days you wake up and see certain things on blogs and you may feel like “why I’m not there?” Don’t take the media serious. Just do it.

Some of your recent & upcoming festival performances include – ROLLING LOUD (LA, SAN FRANCISCO, MIAMI), LOLLAPALOOZA, AND SUNDOWN ALASKA. What’s one city you haven’t performed in that you look forward to performing in the near future?

I wanna perform in Jamaica. Every artist that I’ve seen go to Jamaica has had a ball out there.

To end with glam…

What is your favorite perfume?

Carolina Herrera, when I first seen it, it was the heel that caught my attention. I went to see what it smelled like and instantly I was obsessed. I just have her every where I go. I don’t put her in my checked bag because she smells to good and I don’t need anyone to steal her.

What’s your favorite fashion trend?

I like the 90s spice baby, pop star era, that kind of just sticks with me.

What are some beauty tips you can share with the Galore audience?

On a very hot day baby, don’t do a full face baby. Get you a concealer of your choice, put it right up under your eye, your cheeks, your forehead, get some setting powder and that’s it. You don’t need nothing else cause it’s going to melt off. Get you some setting spray and baby keep it with you. It’s going to get you together I promise.

Now that I know that your face is glowing without the foundation, what’s your night routine.

I use this black soap and then I go in with an oil cleanser.

What is your zodiac sign, and how do you feel that influences your creative process.

I am a libra, balance, and I just wanna say, if I can’t figure it out, then I just won’t do it. I need to feel good about what I’m doing. I don’t mind doing new things, but if it just feels so foreign, I’m not forcing creativity because that’s when you start putting out trash. I just wait for it to come to me.

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Interviewed By: Shirley Reynozo @moyamusic_

Photographer: Down To Be Artsy @dtba_

Galore Art Direction: Carlos Graciano @sadpapi666 

Editor in Chief: Prince Chenoa @princechenoastudio

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