Benny Benassi’s Guide To Throwing The Ultimate Summer Rager

Now that it’s finally getting warm out and school is winding down, it’s time to plan out how you’re going to make the most of your summer. When throwing your own party, you could go the frat boy route and buy a keg for your backyard, but sometimes you have to YOLO and go all out. We asked experienced party goer Benny Benassi, who recently teamed up with Chris Brown for their new track “Paradise,” on how to throw the ultimate party this summer.

The Drinks:

An ice cold beer is never a bad idea for day-drinking, especially if you want to pace yourself, but a tropical flavored mixer boosts the summertime vibe.

“If the sun is shining and it’s the right vibe, then I’m a sucker for a mojito. It’s so refreshing,” says Benny.

If you’ve never made your own mojitos before, you’re in for a treat. Steal a muddler and a shaker out of your parents’ liquor cabinet (or buy your own off of Amazon) and be amazed at how good you can make your shitty vodka taste with the right ingredients.

If you’re not a DIY kind of girl, you can always go to a place that serves banging mojitos and order a few pitchers.

The Music:

Choosing the music for a big party can be nerve-wracking. It’s hard to know which songs will get the entire crowd going.

“No matter what the situation is, Daft Punk always fits the bill,” says Benny, and we couldn’t agree more. “It’s fun music, ‘Get Lucky’ is such a summer track.”

The Place:

If you’re a world renown DJ like Mr. Benassi, you’ve seen quite a few places and quite a few parties.

“Europe has some of the best party destinations in the world,” he says. “Personally, I really love Ibiza, Spain, and Mykonos, Greece. Naturally, Milano Marittima in Italy is a great place to visit in the summer.”

But if your summer job scooping ice cream isn’t going to pay for a trip to Europe, you can always recreate your dream vacay in your own home (or yard).

“[You can recreate these destinations] with some imagination and the right people. I think people often make a place and a vibe. A villa with a swimming pool will always help, some good music, and some sunshine. Maybe a mojito!”

In other words, time to start being extra nice to your friends with pools.

The Guest List:

When crafting the perfect guest list, ask yourself one question: who’s going to get the party started?

“Exclusive parties are fun, but the best parties are always where there is a natural energy and everyone is getting into the music,” he says. “Those are the best nights. If everyone is pressed up against each other, I would say the party has started…”

Benny’s other secret? Knowing who’s the life of the party.

“No matter who, what, when, where… I would invite Madonna. She brings the party and she brings an entourage.”

While you can’t invite Madonna, you can invite your BFF Jill who likes to chug tequila and dance on tables.

The Attire:

As the party thrower, you can wear whatever the fuck you want.

“The sexiest thing a girl can wear is a straw hat,” says Benny. “A little bit mysterious and very attractive, less isn’t always more… some times more is more!”

Whatever you decide to wear, make sure to get some Instagram-worthy pics before the party gets out of hand. You’ll look way cuter before downing a bottle of Bacardi and jumping into the pool with mascara that isn’t waterproof.

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