Trailer for New Documentary Proves Chris Brown Feels Really Bad for Chris Brown

If you ever wanted to see a bunch of your favorite celebrities talk about how amazing and misunderstood Chris Brown is, this new trailer is just the thing.

The troubled singer is releasing a documentary called “Welcome to My Life,” and the first trailer for it just hit the internet. The clip focuses on two things: how amazing Chris Brown is, and how hard it was for him to deal with the media fallout after he brutally assaulted his former girlfriend, Rihanna.

It’s difficult to say what’s more sickening about the clip: the fact that Chris Brown has made beating his girlfriend all about him or the fact that A-listers like J. Lo and Jamie Foxx are willing to go on the record talking about how amazing he is.

Perhaps most surprising of all is J. Lo’s presence — and just a week after she released a song written by fellow accused woman abuser Dr. Luke. We’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she’s just clueless/tragically un-woke and this is all a coincidence. But really, someone on her team with WiFi access needs to step in and stop her from standing by these men. What does she even have to gain by appearing in a Chris Brown documentary???

Definitely the most crass moment of all, though, is when they use what appears to be voiceover from Rihanna’s Oprah interview to prove Brown’s case. Rihanna can be heard saying, “He made that mistake because he needed help,” while footage of her posing on the red carpet is shown. We can’t be sure whether Rihanna actually appears in the documentary because we haven’t seen the whole thing, but recycling this quote, which is taken entirely out of context, seems like a pretty shady tactic designed to make it seem like she is actively stumping for Chris.

Now, obviously forgiveness is a good thing, love the sinner, hate the sin, etc. — but the fact that Chris Brown is apparently using an entire documentary to make his abuse of Rihanna all about him just proves he’s learned nothing. Watch the video below and try not to puke up your breakfast.

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