As the youth ambassador for the upcoming amFAR Cannes Gala, Bella Thorne is using her platform to promote public health care benefits for people all over the world. The Foundation for Aids Research is one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the world, and with stars like Bella Thorne supporting the cause, untreated people worldwide can receive free assistance through research, programs and more.  

We sat down with Bella to catch up with her and get an update on what’s been going on in her life the past few years. From preparing for her wedding, fashion and an upcoming jewelry line, keep reading to learn about what you can expect from Bella Thorne in 2024 and beyond! 


Talk to us about your work as a director and why the genre of horror speaks to you.  

As a director, the genre of horror captivates me because it allows me to explore the depths of human emotion and fear in a way that resonates with audiences on a primal level. The adrenaline rush and suspenseful storytelling of horror films have always fascinated me, and I’m drawn to the challenge of creating immersive experiences that linger long after the credits roll. 

Who would be your dream actress to direct in a film? 

My dream actress to direct would be Cate Blanchett. Her incredible range and depth as an actress would bring unparalleled complexity and nuance to any character, elevating the film to new heights. 

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Tell us about the process of creating your characters when writing your screenplays. Do they all stem from a part of you? 

Creating characters for my screenplays is a deeply personal and introspective process. While they may not all stem directly from me, I draw inspiration from my own experiences, emotions, and observations of the world around me.  

Each character is crafted with layers of complexity and authenticity, allowing them to feel relatable and multi-dimensional to the audience. My new film Unsettled explores that through actor Jason Parks’ experience.  

What are your top 5 movies of all time? 

My top 5 movies of all time would have to be “The Shining,” “Psycho,” “Rosemary’s Baby,” “Get Out,” and “Pan’s Labyrinth.” Each of these films has left an indelible mark on me as a filmmaker and storyteller, inspiring me to push the boundaries of creativity and narrative in my own work.  

Jumpsuit: Ritual  
Shoes: Le Silla 
Jewelry: Throne  

What’s one horror film you think everyone should see? 

One horror film that I believe everyone should see is “Hereditary.” It’s a masterclass in psychological terror, with haunting imagery and deeply unsettling themes that linger long after the credits roll. It’s a film that challenges the conventions of the genre and leaves a lasting impact on the viewer. 

You are about to start production on a new film, “Find Your Friends,” with some other great women talent. Talk to us about this film and your character.  

“Find Your Friends” is a passion project that explores the complexities of women friendships and empowerment in the face of adversity. I’m thrilled to be working alongside such talented female collaborators, and I’m excited to bring my character to life on screen. She’s a dynamic and resilient woman who undergoes a transformative journey of self-discovery, and I can’t wait for audiences to experience her story. 

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Who are your SHEROES? Which women in your life truly inspire you? 

My SHEROES are the strong, resilient, and fiercely independent women in my life who have paved the way for me and inspired me to chase my dreams fearlessly. From my sister Dani who taught me the power of perseverance and determination, to my mentors and colleagues who have supported and encouraged me every step of the way, these women embody strength, grace, and unwavering courage. My best friends also keep me very grounded; some being from when I was a teenager.  

What advice would you give your 16-year-old self? 

If I could give my 16-year-old self-advice, it would be to trust in your instincts, embrace your uniqueness, and never be afraid to pursue your passions wholeheartedly. Life is full of challenges and setbacks, but each obstacle is an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. Believe in yourself, stay true to your values, and never lose sight of your dreams. Believe in your OWN VOICE and never lose that.  

Dress: Seks NYC 
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How do you deal with protecting your mental health? 

Protecting my mental health is a priority for me, especially in the demanding and often unpredictable world of film and fashion. I prioritize self-care practices such as even recently not going on social media for a few days.  

I regularly exercise now to maintain balance and clarity of mind. Surrounding myself with supportive friends and loved ones also helps me stay grounded and resilient in the face of stress or adversity. My fiancé helps a lot with that.  

You are getting married later this year. How is the planning going? 

We all know I can throw a killer party but honestly, the only thing I want to give a little hint at is that there are going to be many lights and many outfit changes! Also, Jo Malone is going to play a great part in the scent. It’s all about sensory experience to me for my big day; sight, taste, smell and touch. My wedding dress fabrics are to die for.  

Belt Top: Laurel DeWitt  
Jewelry: Throne

How did you meet your fiancé? Was it love at first sight? 

I met my fiancé through mutual friends, and it was for sure love at first sight.  

Talk to us about Thorne Dynasty.  

Thorne is a celebration of the dream my father had for me. It’s a powerful collection of self-expressions and emblems that resonate with whether that’s crocodiles from my childhood in Florida, crosses for spirituality or just plain fun like the smoking accessories. We have a major launch this Summer which I’m excited to tell you about. 

Jumpsuit: Ritual  
Shoes: Le Silla 
Jewelry: Throne  

Will you be designing your own wedding rings? What made you get into jewelry? 

Designing our own wedding rings is something my fiancé and I are considering, as it would add a personal touch to our special day. As for my passion for jewelry, it stems from a lifelong fascination with adornment and laying. Jewelry has the power to elevate any outfit and convey a sense of personality and style. 

You are at this point a fashion IT Girl icon, sitting front row at fashion week all over the world. What brand is your favorite at the moment? 

At the moment, I’m absolutely loving the innovative designs and clean aesthetic of Sabato at GUCCI Also, Saint Laurent’s fearless approach to fashion pushes the boundaries of creativity and self-expression, and I’m constantly inspired by their runway collections and campaign imagery.  

But I have to say I fell in love with Simone Rocha’s collection at JPG and was BLOWN away by Galliano at Margiela. I had the special privilege of being in the room at the show. There was a standing ovation at the end, it was just magical. I also couldn’t get over the make-up Pat did. I kept saying to my team, wow, that gleam was just amazing. 

Belt Top: Laurel DeWitt  
Jewelry: Throne  

Your red hair is your signature look. How do you keep your hair so healthy and bright? 

Maintaining healthy, vibrant hair is a top priority for me, especially with my signature red locks. I swear by a rigorous hair care routine that includes regular trims, deep conditioning treatments, and minimal heat styling.  

I also make sure to use quality hair care products specifically formulated for color-treated hair to preserve its brightness and shine. When I want to go long like overnight, I just apply these awesome Great Lengths clip ins.  

What is your beauty philosophy? 

My beauty philosophy revolves around celebrating self-confidence from within.  

Belt Top: Laurel DeWitt  
Jewelry: Throne

Talk to us about your skincare routine. You struggled with acne early on, and now your skincare routine is golden. 

Skincare has always been a journey for me, especially as someone who struggled with acne in my younger years. These days, I swear by a consistent skincare routine that includes gentle cleansers, hydrating serums, and targeted treatments to address specific concerns like from Dermablend. Laura Mercier also keeps my skin clean.  

How is your creativity disrupting the world of film and fashion? 

My creativity is driven by a desire to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of storytelling and self-expression. Never be afraid to be yourself and be bold in your decisions. Life is short, I recommend you to be fearless.  

You have just been announced as the youth ambassador for AmFAR. How are you using your influence to help with the overall messaging of eradicating diseases and raising awareness among Generation Z? 

As the youth ambassador for AmFAR, I’m committed to leveraging my platform and influence to raise awareness about the importance of eradicating diseases and promoting public health initiatives, particularly among Generation Z.  

Through strategic partnerships, educational campaigns, and grassroots advocacy efforts, I aim to engage and empower young people to become agents of change in the fight against HIV/AIDS and other global health challenges. 

Jumpsuit: Ritual  
Shoes: Le Silla 
Jewelry: Throne

What is your passion at the moment? 

My passion lies in championing diversity, inclusion, and social justice across all aspects of my work and advocacy efforts. I’m deeply committed to using my platform to amplify marginalized voices, challenge systemic inequalities, and drive meaningful change in our society. By fostering empathy, understanding, and unity, I believe we can create a more equitable and compassionate world for future generations.

What can we expect next from you before the end of the year? 

Before the end of the year, you can expect to see exciting new film projects both short and feature length, catch me at global fashion weeks, see my jewelry line debut at a major retailer, catch my PETA campaign for Seaward, and view my PSAs I’ve self-directed for amfAR! That’s just the tip of the iceberg; watch what more is to come! 

Belt Top: Laurel DeWitt  
Jewelry: Throne  


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