Living Freely: The Power of CHANMINA and Her New Song ‘FORGIVE ME’

She may be a “bad bitch,” but she isn’t looking for your forgiveness. Yet, she will certainly have you vibing to her latest song, “FORGIVE ME.” Finally releasing her new track for a global audience is CHANMINA, a rapper/singer-songwriter based in Japan who is bringing her bold and honest messages to the world stage through song. 

Music has the power to unite people across continents, helping them realize that they are not alone in this large and chaotic world. Through the rhythmic beats and lyrics of a song, you can connect with your feelings, find release from stress and worry, and even feel seen on a level you haven’t before. Understanding the assignment, CHANMINA is embedding each of her songs with clear truths that just hit differently with audiences worldwide.

This songsmith is drawing on her personal experiences of struggling with lookism, a form of discrimination toward people who others find physically unattractive, to boldly defy Japan’s narrow and often stereotypical standards of beauty. Already gathering strong support from Japanese Gen Z-ers, CHANMINA is proving she has the power to influence, encourage, and support this generation not only in Asia but across borders and seas through conveying real messages in her music. 

Showcasing her raw emotional depth, CHANMINA’s songs have gathered millions of views, starting in 2021 with her track “Never Grow Up” reaching over 100 million streams, which is a musical expression of the universal turmoils of young love. Today, her YouTube channel has over 600 million total streams and continues to grow. CHANMINA was also featured on the track “Best Friend,” by Saweetie, also featuring Doja Cat and JAMIE.

But this rapper is about more than creative music videos that highlight catchy, relatable lyrics. CHANMINA brings the same hyped energy you get from listening to her songs to the live stage. In 2023, she performed her first show at the Yokohama Arena, followed by a tour throughout Asia. From 2023 through April of this year, she headlined a tour called “AREA OF DIAMOND,” performing in 6 cities including Miyagi, Osaka, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and more. 

CHANMINA’s first-ever global song, “FORGIVE ME,” was released on April 25th. The artist, well known as a talented R&B artist throughout the U.S., originally teased listeners on April 24th with a video that showed a handful of wholesome candid photos filmed by the production team, giving audiences a little glimpse into behind-the-scenes moments along with the song’s release. 

“FORGIVE ME” was produced by a team of highly reputable global creators. These include Tay Dex, known for his work with artists like 21 Savage, as well as UMI, well-known in the United States for her R&B skill, who gained great attention recently for releasing a digital single with BTS’ V, and Rosemarie Tan, who previously worked with Nas and Bubbs aka Gabe Steiner. This team of established talents and CHANMINA have produced a track that is catching fire across musical audiences and more.

This track presents a catchy, hyper-pop sound that is infused with drum and bass accents, revealing CHANMINA’s exploration into uncharted musical waters. The artist spoke of her new song, stating, “This is a song I wrote when I got tired of living in an era where people are criticized for everything they do, and sometimes even become overly sensitive about personal matters. Whether you forgive me or not, it doesn’t matter. I’ll live freely regardless.”

“FORGIVE ME” will pull you in with fast-paced drops and lyrics that will surely leave you feeling like an edgy, cool rebel, encouraging you to live as your authentic self and say what you want. 

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