bktherula has consistently been creating and sharing music with her fans for the past few years and she has so much more to give to the world. She refuses to be put into a box and prefers to pull inspiration for her hottest tracks through experiences from her everyday life. I got the chance to chat with the Atlanta native and learn more about her as an artist and get a peek into her mindset as she constantly evolves.


You first blew up on SoundCloud at only 16 years old and before you could really take off the pandemic hit. How did you push through and continue to make music during this time?   

Pushing through during the pandemic for me consisted of a lot of prayer, confidence, and faith. It was considered some of the slowest years to most but to me it was very beneficial to my health and career.

Not too much after, you were working in the studio with Ye at only 18 years old. Take us back to that time and talk about what that experience was like. Did you learn anything as an artist during that studio session?   

Working with Ye’ was a huge learning experience for me within the music aspect. It was like a middle schooler getting the direct inside scoop of what high school would be like. The experience provided me with knowledge I never knew I needed!  

In the beginning of your career, you never showed your face. Why did you do that starting off and how were you able to get more comfortable with showing your face more?   

I didn’t really think too much about my face being shown, but I guess it was a subconscious way of wanting others to respect and take in the music rather judging me based off of looks. I’m very comfortable with myself and always have been. 

Over the years you’ve had so many eras with your hairstyles. Rather it’s in a big curly fro, different colors or in a protective style. What is your current go to hair style and which style is your ultimate favorite to rock?   

My current go to hairstyle is still my Afro. My favorite style ever in the whole world, it feels so safe, and I can feel the breeze more. There’s something so beautiful about wearing my hair in its natural state… it’s almost healing. 

What is your go to hair products to maintain your curls?   

My go to hair products consists of a lightweight gel and moisturizer from Ouidad. I used to buy so many hair products thinking I needed a lot, but I found out my hair just needed a little moisture and non-heavy products. 

You’ve put out 5 albums in 4 years, how are you able to create and put out music so frequently?   

I pull the inspiration for my albums from experience. Everything. Memories, friendship, relationships, and everyday life. My artistry is my story from start to now almost like a public diary. 

You’ve been on tour with PinkPantheress on a 12-city tour. Talk to us about what this experience has been like, and which city was your favorite to perform at so far.   

Being on tour with PinkPantheress is insane. For one, I’ve had her music on repeat prior to the tour and secondly, I’ve learned so much about what team structure, the importance of rehearsal, and crowd engagement means. This definitely excites me to be more prepared for my next tours!  

You’ve said that your latest album is your best body of work so far. Talk to us about the process of making LVL5 P2 and why this one is so special to you.   

Lvl5p2 in my opinion is my best body of work because of how mature and structured it sounds and feels. I approached this album with less isolation and more of a team effort which helped me in so many ways, I understand the importance of the saying ‘two brains are better than one’ now more than ever.    

What would you say are the biggest differences sonically between LVL5 P1 vs. P2?  

Lvl5 player 1 is extremely important to this story, she is the beginning of breaking the cycle of conformity. The music is what she wants and what she wants ONLY. Lvl5 player 2 is more open minded to others, and more vulnerable to emotions, sounds and conversations. Thus, her music is more structured, unbiased and mature. 

Since these albums are based on your love for video games, what are some of your favorite video games to play currently?   

My favorite game currently is Little Nightmares… the entire series. I’m obsessed with the hidden messages and the ending to the last game. I feel like it relates to the ways of lvl5, and it honestly inspires my sounds now. 

For anyone who’s never listened to BKTheRula, what is the first song you would play for them and why?   

Probably summer. It’s one of my most heartfelt songs and I feel like it could relate to anyone. I was so vulnerable on the song; I would love for people to know that side of me first before anything else. 

You’ve spoken about only wanting to do collaborations when it’s an organic relationship, but if you could work with anyone in the future, who would you like it to be?   

I would absolutely love to work with Grimes. She is a current obsession of mine right now as well, I like her brain. I would like to know more about her. I am intrigued. And also, Rihanna. I look back at her old stuff and I feel like it’s me right now, rebellious of society, demanding of her respect and she also doesn’t give a fuck what anyone has to say about her. I can’t wait to meet her Lord willing. 

How would you describe your personal style?   

I think my style is just swag. It changes every single day but what doesn’t change is the fact that it’s swaggy. I’m all over the place, no labels to it! 

When you’re not working on music, what are some things you do for fun?   

I tattoo my friends a lot in my free time, and I love to swim. I just learned like a year ago and that’s all I think about now, oh and I also drink Modelos with my buddies. 

Out of all the tattoos you have, which is your favorite and why?   

My tech deck tattoo is my favorite, it’s ignorant as fuck. 

You’ve spoken about feeling pressure to stick to a certain sound but that you do what feels right to you. Talk to us about why it’s important to do the type of music you want to do no matter what.   

Sticking to what you know is right for you is key. Not just with music but with everything. Imagine wearing blue but instead wearing green because everyone else prefers you in that color. Would you do it? And how many times would you do it before losing your mind. 

 What are you most excited for on your upcoming headline tour? 

Improvement! Evolution! I can’t wait to connect with my fans and provide them with something new, something different. From the music to stage, to performances, even the hair and makeup will reflect an evolution. 

What’s your favorite song to perform? 


Do you ever get nervous before hitting the stage? 
Only when I’m nauseous! 

What’s next for BK The Rula? Anything you can share exclusively with Galore readers? 

What’s next for bktherula? Touring, billboards, peace and dropping music at the highest frequencies. For the fans of course, and for Jesus Christ always. 


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