Zolita has been on the music scene for the past decade, relentlessly working on her craft and expressing herself creatively through her music and visuals. Her new album, “Queen of Hearts” is said to be a celebration of queerness and she’s celebrating her latest accomplishment all pride month. In our new interview, Zolita takes us behind the scenes of her creative process, what she loves most about being a part of the LGBTQ+ community and how that reflects in her music.  


How did you become a part of the alt-pop music genre? Have you always listened to this type of music?   

My music taste is all over the map, but pop music has always been my baseline. I think the alt part of it comes from me incorporating all of the other genres and styles of music I love.  

You’ve recently released your new album, “Queen of Hearts”. Talk to us about the process of creating this project and what song you’re most excited about hearing from your supporters hearing on it.   

This album is just as all over the place as my music taste! Half of it came from a place of pure queer joy, the other half gets into themes I’ve never written about in my music before. Sonically there are some country elements which I’m super excited about.  

Let’s talk about your latest single, “Small Town Scandal” How did the process of creating this song happen?   

I’ve been going queer line dancing at Stud Country in LA for about a year now. It’s changed my life! I’ve always been a huge country music fan, and I wanted to write a song I could line dance to. It was so fun referencing my favorite 2000’s pop country songs – Shania, Big & Rich, etc. Writing it was hands down the most fun I’ve ever had in the studio. My co writers and I kept looking at each other like – can we say this? Is this too insane?   

You’ve spoken about “Queen of Hearts” being a “giant queer celebration”, talk to us about your queerness and how you can express it creatively through your music.   

My whole life is one big queer celebration! I am surrounded by so many queer friends and creatives, and I wanted this album to reflect that. I think all of the art I make will always be inherently queer since all my life is experienced living as a queer person. 

What do you love most about being a part of the LGBTQ+ community?   

How creative we are! I am maybe biased, but I think the best art comes from our community.  

In your music videos a lot of times you have beautiful love interests from diverse backgrounds. What advice do you have for any queer artist struggling to do the same?   

My advice would be – you telling your story authentically will always be the thing that resonates with people and sets you apart. No one has your exact experience and can tell your story like you can. 

How will you be celebrating pride month this year?    

Dancing with all my friends to my favorite queer artists! And celebrating Queen of Hearts being out.  

Your first project “Evil Angel” was released in 2021 and features 18 songs. What song from this project do you feel was the easiest and most difficult to create?   

The easiest was probably “Orchard St.” It’s the only song on that album that I wrote alone, and I decided to keep the production pretty stripped back. The most difficult was “Somebody I F*cked Once”. Writing it was very fast, but it went through probably 4 different productions before we finally landed on its sound.

How have you refined your stylistic approach over the years as an artist?   

I think over the years, the music has become just as important to me as the visual worlds I build. I used to see the music I made as scoring the videos I created, but I think they are a bit more balanced now. 

What are your plans for the rest of 2024? 

My headline tour in September! I am so excited! 


Feature Editor: Taylor Winter Wilson (@taylorwinter)

Photographer: Katia Temkin (@katiatemkin)

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