Bella Hadid & The Weeknd Ran Into Each Other On the Runway AGAIN

Bella Hadid just can’t catch a break can she?

After awkwardly running into The Weeknd a mere inches away from her crotch at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris last year, on Wednesday, the perpetually pouting model ran into her ex AGAIN at the H&M fashion show.

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As Bella casually sauntered down the runway, the Weeknd was a few feet away, singing his repetitive moody boy blues on a platform.

Unlike the last time they awkwardly met on a runway, he did not look her directly in the eye. He did not even look at her.

Nor did she look at him.

That look you give your sister and she just knows @bellahadid @gigihadid @hm #pfw

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A lot was made of the fact that Bella didn’t have a big ol’ smile plastered on her face or dance down the runway like some of the other models, but showing no emotion is kind of Bella’s thing.

Even if her ex hadn’t been there, that’s probably how she would have been walking.

Besides, Bella actually showed a lot of emotion for Bella.

As she walked by the Weeknd, she actively made a face like, “yeah, party on dude,” which was maybe a classic attempt to look like she was having more fun in front of her ex when she really wasn’t, but regardless, the emotion was there.


And none of the models really danced down the runway anyway, unless you count undulating your arms and standing around like you’re being paid to be there dancing.

H&M Studio show with The WEEKND performing @hm @theweeknd 🚀 #paris

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But just because they didn’t physically almost run into each other doesn’t mean it wasn’t still awkward.

The last time she ran into her ex, Bella looked like a literal angel dressed to kill in lingerie.

This time she looked like a frumpy Victorian American Girl doll going through her goth phase.

No matter how over your ex you are, that’s a nightmare-level situation.

Better luck next time, Bells.

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