Kendall’s Helping Bella Get Over the Weeknd One Lit Night at a Time

Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid have been spending a lot of time together recently, but don’t worry, it’s not because Kendall’s dumping Gigi for a younger model.

It’s because Kendall and Bella have one very important thing in common: they’re both single and ready to mingle.

Bella and the Weeknd broke up last November and just like he’s not having trouble moving on, neither is she.

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Bella may not be letting the paparazzi catch her making out with famous people, but it’s not like she’s spending every night at her apartment eating ice cream out of a pint and crying herself to sleep.

Bella’s currently in the second phase of post-breakup existence, where she’s not a sad girl, not yet a woman who’s ready to date, otherwise known as the girls just wanna have fun and get thotty with strangers phase.

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So obviously she needed to find herself a rebound friend, otherwise known as an RBF.

Actually, nobody calls them RBFs, but they should because rebound friends can be different from your normal best friends.

Rebound friends are always single, have schedules which closely correlate to yours, always be ready to go out, and be more or less willing to spend every waking second with you, filling the void your boyfriend used to fill, just you know, in a platonic way.

And for Bella, that friend is Kendall.

Kendall and Bella spent New Years together.

A photo posted by Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) on

Traveled together to Paris.

Kendall and Bella Hadid arriving in Paris via Bella’s Instagram Stories – #kendalljenner #bellahadid

A photo posted by Kendall Updates (@knj.daily) on

Got bored and did Facebook Lives together.

1/18/16: Kendall and Bella Hadid’s livestream on Instagram (Part 1) – #kendalljenner #bellahadid

A video posted by Kendall Updates (@knj.daily) on

Posted WTF videos together late at night that seemed vaguely sexual.

Kendall via Bella Hadid’s Instagram Stories – #kendalljenner

A video posted by Kendall Updates (@knj.daily) on

And fraternized with members of the opposite sex while wearing minimal clothing together.

#BellaHadid, #KendallJenner and #ASAPFerg at the #DiorBall.

A photo posted by Hadid News (@hadidnews) on

#BellaHadid, #RiccardoTisci and #KendallJenner in Paris.

A photo posted by Hadid News (@hadidnews) on

And you know what?

Bella looks like she’s having fun.


Actually, it’s hard to tell with Bella, but at least she looks like she’s having as much fun as she usually does.

Way to go, Kendall.

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