Bebe Rexha Doesn’t Want to Act More Feminine, Thanks

Bebe Rexha is only 28, but she’s already had the kind of career people write movies about.

It all started when Bebe ran into Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy in a recording studio.

“I was a teenager in college and I met Pete and his managers at a studio,” Bebe recalled. “They had overheard me singing in the next room and then a couple of days later Pete signed me to a record deal. It was fast and scary, but I learned a lot about touring and recording and the music business.”

Bebe joined a band with him called Black Cards, but then she decided she wanted to focus on her solo career, so she left. And shortly after, Bebe got dropped from her record contract.

Feeling understandably low, Bebe wrote an emotional song called “Monster Under My Bed.” At the time, she planned to use it for herself, until she came up with the genius idea to give it to Eminem. The song title was changed to “The Monster” and it became a monster hit.

And now Bebe’s poised to get the solo success she’s always deserved.

In February she released the first part of her album called “All Your Fault: Part 1” featuring the hit song, “I Got You.” And she’s releasing “All Your Fault: Part 2” early this summer — but you can hear her first single from it, “The Way I Are (Dance with Somebody)” featuring Lil Wayne now.

Check out our Q&A with Bebe below.


How different is it to be releasing music at 28 then at say, 18? Do you think it gives you an advantage over the baby pop stars of the world?

I think the 18-year-old me couldn’t have written the album that I wrote this past year. We all go through break ups, love and death. I just think my outlook on life is different now and Im a bit more wiser when it comes to my songwriting and life in general. I’ve grown up and I think this album showcases that journey.

People may not know, but you’re not a newcomer in the industry. You have a song that just went five times platinum, you wrote one of my favorite songs, “All Hands on Deck,” and you wrote “The Monster” which was a major hit — what effect have hits like these had on your career?

I think people in the music business starting seeing me and treating me differently. Before I had any hits I couldn’t get in the studio with anyone. No one would pick up my calls or reply to my emails. Now I feel I have built a respect with my peers which is nice. It’s also made my dad really proud, which makes me happy.

Why did you decide to go blonde?

I felt trapped. I was tired of being safe and never taking risks. I dyed my hair cause I wanted to. I try to live my life that way. Doing what I want, especially things that scare me.

A lot of your songs are about heartbreak, anyone in particular that got away?

I think the beauty about love is, your true love will never “go away.” So I don’t think there was anyone important that got away.

What’s the worst advice you’ve ever been given about the music industry?

I was told that I had to be more “feminine” in the way I do business. I don’t even know what that means. I grew up in New York so I learned to be street smart at a young age. I was a bit feisty and I always stood up for myself especially if someone tried to take advantage of me. It toughened me up. I was always about my business and someone said that made me come off too masculine. This manager told me that girl artists are supposed to be “smiley and soft and feminine.” I say that’s bullshit, be respectful and be you.

If we asked your ex about you, what would they say?

He’d say he feels like an idiot for breaking up with me through a text message and disappearing.

If you were magically transformed into an animal overnight, what kind of animal would you be and which celebrity would you want to take care of you?

I’d be a dog, a malti-poo like my puppy Bear. I’d say Ariana Grande, cause she loves dogs and she could sing for me and I’d live comfortably in her mansion.

Imagine you were a cult leader, what would your cult be like?

Pizza cult. Pizza every day all day. And real new York pizza, like L&B spumoni’s Sicilian pie not the fake stuffff.

If we went through your iPhone photo library, what would we find? What are the majority of the photos of?

There are a lot of screenshots of fashion inspirations from the past. There are also a lot of pictures of my puppy Bear. I like to take pictures for her Instagram account… lol what has the world come to?

What’s your pet peeve?

Talking shit. It’s one thing I don’t do with with my friends. I think boys talk shit. When you’re around me, the one thing I don’t do is spend time shit talking about people or being pissed about things. I only get mad if someone copies what I’ve done to a T. It wastes my time and my energy. I think the key is to focus on yourself.


American Deadstock halter | Masion The Faux jeans


Namilia skirt


Ground Zero patent dress


Discount Universe dress | Biohazard choker



Photography: Amber Asaly
Styling: Sarah Glenn
Additional reporting: Abeline Cohen

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