7 People on What Made Them Finally Ditch a Bad Friend

Everybody has their relationship deal-breakers, but for some reason we hold our friends to different standards.

Other times, friends do shit that’s really, really fucked up, and we have to say goodbye to the peanut butter to our jelly and search for someone that doesn’t talk shit and fuck our boyfriend. Our readers shared stories of friends who changed for the worse and what made them pull the plug.

1. The Next Level Psycho

“My best friend slept with this guy I was seeing and lied to me for three weeks about it. She even helped me plan a weekend to come up and surprise him and when I got off the bus she was like, ‘P.S. we’ve been sleeping together…’ So then I had nowhere to sleep for the weekend. I tried to forgive her, but then I realized she was crazy manipulative (towards everyone, not just me) so that’s how our friendship ended.”

2. The Homophobe

“It was late af and me and my friends were trying to find a bar that would let me in with my shitty ID. We see this small bar open and we all go in and realize that the bartender was just in his underwear. Took us a few seconds to piece together that it was a gay bar. We were like ‘oh word, whatever’ and just continued to enjoy our drinks because, you know, we have a heart. Anyway, this kid who was visiting me from back home threw a shit fit and refused to order a drink and couldn’t shut his mouth about how it’s disgusting yada, yada, yada. I gave him the key to my apartment and said he can go back and wait for us because we’re not leaving. Haven’t talked to him since I left and we’d been friends since we were eight.”

3. The Panera Pal

“I was in my junior year of high school and I was at Panera telling my friend how distant my boyfriend was being and asking her what I should do. She asked me if I thought he was cheating and I was like, ‘nah, no way.’ And then she joked that [he was cheating on me with her] and I was like, ‘Haha, you are so silly.’ Then she was like, ‘No, I’m serious, please don’t be mad,’ and then I left her at Panera because I was her ride. And then our friendship was over.

4. The No Chill

“An old buddy of mine put weed in my glove compartment without me knowing and when I got pulled over and tried to give my registration the weed fell out. The kid said it wasn’t his, so I got arrested. I spent the night in jail and got tried for possession.”

5. At Least She Didn’t Keep It?

“My friend got pregnant, decided to have an abortion, and started doing really heavy drugs and just used me for my money and would steal alcohol from my mom. It was just awful.”

6. The Classic

“My friend would always have to bring her boyfriend around and would ditch me for her BF. Now, her boyfriend is her only friend.”

7. The MJ of Air Conditioners

“My old roommate started doing tons of coke with her ex BF and it culminated in her breaking into my room when I was on vacation and accidentally dropping my air conditioner out the window. Plus, after that happened she started going around town saying I was a psycho/bitch. Luckily everyone knew she was crazy so they didn’t believe her. She also kept spending the rent money her parents were giving her and we almost got evicted. She also used to use my dishes and mugs and leave them in her room and not wash them for weeks, so mold would grow and she’d just throw them out. We don’t talk anymore.”

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