7 Reasons Straight Girls Love Gay Bars


Straight girls love gay bars. It’s really no secret. However, we’re the last people that anyone wants to see in a gay bar.

The gay guys are mad at us for getting in the way, the gay girls are annoyed that we’re giving them false hope, and the straight dudes are pissed that we’re ditching them.

But when did us girls really give a f*ck about what anyone else thought? Every chick has those nights when she just needs to be surrounded by a bunch of people who aren’t trying to f*ck her, belting out ‘Dancing Queen.’ Instead of wondering if blondes or brunettes have more fun, I’ll tell you a secret; gays have more fun, period.

1. The Music Can’t Be Beat

Heading to the club is always a hit or miss. Unless you’re paying out the a** for a famous DJ that you’ve actually heard of, it’s probably some no name that could be playing anything from deep-house to K-pop. If you’re someone who’s vibe depends on music, a shitty DJ can make or break your night.

The best thing about gay bars is that they play the music that people actually want to hear, not the music that’s ‘trendy.’ Not to mention, the music that you can actually sing along to (or belt out to, while clutching a dirty martini and doing your most ridiculous Cher impersonation).

2. Nobody Wants to F*ck You 

Sure, sometimes this isn’t a plus, but if you’re sick of getting hit on everywhere you go (the struggles of being a good looking girl, gosh), then this is a blessing. People talk to you because they think you’re actually interesting. Dudes compliment you on your fierce eyeliner because they think you’re dope, not because they’re mentally calculating how many drinks it’ll take you to go home with them. Yes, some girls might be into you, but all you have to do is politely let them know that you like dick. Or, maybe you can down a few vodka-tonics and get a little bi-curious?

3. You Can Dress For Yourself 

Boys know that we dress for each other, not for them. However, straight clubs have a lot of girls competing with us. Gay clubs? Not so much. If you’ve been mentally putting together a sick outfit that you’re scared to wear in front of your usual crew, rock it at the gay bar. If you feel like rocking yoga pants? You can do that too. Sure, guys are certainly going to make snarky comments about you behind your back, but at least you won’t have to worry about running into your ex (at least, hopefully).

4. You Will Actually Make New Friends

Does anybody actually talk to people at clubs? It’s nearly impossible with the dark lighting, smoke machines, and blasting music. If you’re at a bar, you might make a friend, but you’re more likely going to be approached by someone trying to get in your pants. Gay guys, while they may be snarky sometimes, are actually super friendly for the most part. You’ll always have something to talk about with them (ahem, dick), and you can have fun dancing with them without worrying about an unexpected boner popping up.

5. There’s a Ton of Eye Candy

Sure, the half-naked dudes are probably never going to be into you, but a girl can look (or stare). Some of the more trendy gay clubs practically have models prancing around in their underwear serving mojitos. And if all the six-packs are making you horny, don’t forget that not all the guys that work at a gay club are actually gay…

6. Your Boyfriend Won’t Have To Worry

If you’ve got a super protective boyfriend (lord help you), he can’t say sh*t if you decide to have girl’s night at the gay club. Assuming that your boo doesn’t want to tag along to the gay bar (if he does, then I guess he redeems himself for being a protective boyfriend), you can finally have a girl’s night without his pesky a** bothering you.

7. Drag Queens

If you’ve never been to a drag show, you are missing out. Not only do these queens make you wish you had their makeup skills and wardrobe, they’re f*cking hilarious. Watch and learn, ladies.

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