Andrea Hegard Sings About Ignoring F*ckboy Red Flags

Everybody writes songs about love, but not everybody writes songs that are as honest as Swedish singer Andrea Hegard.

Her sultry song “I Don’t Mind” is about that kind guy of guy who’s trouble with a capital T.

Even though he treats you like you’re a disposable plastic bag sometimes, there’s something about him that still seems worth it to you.

And rather than sugarcoat that experience, Andrea tells it like it is.

We talked to her about her music, dolphin emojis, and about how fuckboys are the same all over the world.

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I heard that Swedes don’t really date – is that accurate?

Swedish guys are not the best at asking a girl out but I think this is changing and dating is becoming a bigger part of the culture….but yes it’s a much rarer commodity than other places.

How did you end up in London?

I have moved around a lot in my life and at 13 I started boarding school in London, and somehow i have just always ended up back there.

Do you think London fuckboys are different from American fuckboys?

Fuckboys here, fuckboys there, they are all the same everywhere.

What experiences are easier to write about, happy ones or sad ones?

Sad ones for sure! I love a good old love song and writing about how hard love can be!

In your song, “I Don’t Mind,” you sing about how you don’t care how this guy treats you now because he’s worth waiting for, do you still feel that way?

“I Don’t Mind” is about a real predator, and that feeling you have just in the beginning of a relationship when you’re so obsessed, so yes!

What happens in your DMs?

“Send one nude please” is a regular. And questions about sexual favors for money. Apart from that a lot of nice comments on my music, outfits and makeup!

Are you picky about which pictures you post to Instagram?

Yes, big time! I have a very particular taste and really want my photos to stay in that theme. And spending a lot of time getting the right photo down.

Do you relate to the dolphin emoji in your profile?

For sure. Dolphins are free, clever and live in the water, everything i want to be!

What’s next for you?

Say less and do more!!

Photo credit Max Montgomery @Instamaxmonty

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